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Saint Seiya Live Action Hollywood Rape Due


Hollywood apparently still sees a lot of potential profits in destroying beloved anime franchises as the ancient Saint Seiya has become the next series to receive a live action movie, with the movie perhaps less damaging than other Hollywood adaptations if only due to the fact that few people will likely recollect the series.

Polish director Tomasz Baginski (known for his directing of “Katedra”, an Academy Award nominated short) will be directing the Saint Seiya film and Yoshiyuki Ikezawa and Kozo Morishita of Toei Animation will take on the roles of producer and executive producer – thankfully avoiding an entire staff of Americans who have no idea about the source material.

Little other information about the movie was revealed, such as how closely the film will follow the original series or when it is expected to come out, but many are naturally expecting the worse…

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