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Manga Cafe “Casino” Busted


An illegal internet casino hiding under the facade of a manga cafe in Ueno has been busted, making for a relatively merciful hidden criminal enterprise discovery for police…

The 39-year-old manager and two other individuals were arrested for providing illegal gambling, with all three admitting to their misdeeds and the manager stating that he pursued the idea because he had heard that internet casinos were highly profitable – and thus opening an illegal one was apparently his best option.

The cafe (known as Mickey) seemed like a simple manga cafe from the outside, but inside the building all computers connected to an overseas service to provide punters with a way get their gambling fix.

The business would attract as many as 50 customers in a single day, garnering about ¥30 million in total revenue – rather more than could be expected from a few dingy cubicles and vending machines normally.

Just how the service got its comeuppance is not clear, but unlike prostitution and pachinko, ‘net gambling does not enjoy protection from the yakuza or informal police patronage…

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