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Pretty sure these games aren’t meant to be hard. Rance was decent gameplay wise but was ruined by a shitty main character.

As for the companys turn-around, well they relized there is money in selling to forigners. The all-ages version was a test I bet, which proved to be successful enough.

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    People actually like and think this trash-tier shit is good? O_O Sigh people these days wouldn’t know a good anime if it slapped them in the fact with a dick.

  • Dimlight City: “Build Your Own Brothel!”:
    Yeah I pretty much stay away from Nutaku, even if some of the games actually look intersting, too pay2win and the fact it doesn’t run in firefox half the time pisses me off too.

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    Honestly I’d put Hana and Lum up there near the top.

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    They really need to release this on a real system like the ps4, actually ps4 prob be best with the biggest market atm for a home console.

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    I just hope it comes out for pc, that way I don’t have to wait 30-60s for it to load like in ff15, my lord that game had some obnoxious load times. Also the fact they are turning a game that is not even 30 hours (I did everything except hit lv 99 and master all materia) in like 28 hours. My first time thru it. Making it into 3 titles is kinda bullshit, all I can see it as is milking the stupid cattle-like fanboys. FF7 was not even that good, like FF10 its highly over rated just because it was …


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