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I’ve been to Pyongyang and 2 villages outside. Very clean area, respectable fit people, good food and beautiful outdoor hiking on well maintained trails that have been in use for hundreds of years. It was 8 years ago, but I don’t think things changed much since then. I’d love to go back.

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  • Stay Stay DPRK = “Best Korean Romance”:
    lel, almost same. I do not know what strength they have. > They runs wild without any power. ty for translate. +위에 일본군이 쓰레기새끼라는 댓글이 왜 -2지? 누구도 부정할수없는 역사적 팩트인데. 몇 가지만 예를 들어보자 문화통치 한답시고 더 억압하지 유언비어만 쳐믿고 수천명 죽이지 여자들은 지들 좋으라고 위안부에 데려가서 성폭행하지 아직도 독도가 지들땅이라고 우기지 제발 한국을 약소국으로 보지마라.

  • Stay Stay DPRK = “Best Korean Romance”:
    Niggers, Jews, spics and shitskins etc are not Americans. Remember that, and the numbers go down almost completely.

  • Stay Stay DPRK = “Best Korean Romance”:
    “Murdered more civilians”? The numbers that Americans has killed is a smidget near the numbers of Nazi Germany and the USSR, you dipshit

  • Stay Stay DPRK = “Best Korean Romance”: Japs know it better than anyone.

  • Stay Stay DPRK = “Best Korean Romance”:
    North Korea is the best Korea? North Korea is real Korea? What the fuck is this? North Korea is just making the north of our land illegal and nuclear It’s a shame to call it a country. Most of the kids from the low-stays North Korea game Less than 10% in the upper class If you see what you see on a white piece of paper, you’ll say you’ll only see the point. As you can see, it’s too long to translate into English. North Korea is not a country either. I do not know what strength they have. North …

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  • Harem Colosseum Boasts Erotic Elf Action:
    Agreed. I think it would be more gay to want to see a bunch of ugly dudes, or monsters, banging one chick.

  • Masterful Musashi Bikini Cosplay The Epitome of Sex Appeal:
    Lies! Only lolis have breasts smaller than half their torso!

  • Harem Colosseum Boasts Erotic Elf Action:
    You’d probably end up raping her by slipping on the stairs. It’s just their nature.

  • To Heart’s 20th Anniversary Heartily Revered:
    Nope, you’re not alone. ToHeart 2 really didn’t have anything redeeming about it other than Tamaki. Personally, it felt like it was trying to be like other anime at the time and failed. It should have just been itself like ToHeart 1 did, which helped build emotion with the characters. This subject also reminds me of another old series called Da Capo. DC had a somewhat deep storyline involving incest and also had music scenes at the end of every episode. But DC2 wasn’t even worth looking at. …

  • Harem Colosseum Boasts Erotic Elf Action:
    I’d rather see such “good looking guy” and be labeled gay, than have him replaced with fat sack of crap, so people with inferiority issues can watch without being triggered.


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