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Pantsu Thief “Had Over 700 Pairs”


Another heinous pantsu thief has been captured by police, leading to an investigation of the criminal’s home and causing police to discover his collection of over 700 articles of underwear, making some wonder how Japan even has any underwear left at all given the number of pantsu thieves running about…

A 50-year-old man from Nagoya has been found to be the pilferer this time, apprehended by authorities due to breaking into someone’s apartment by smashing the window and stealing ¥20,000 worth of cash – oddly enough having no relevance to pantsu filching whatsoever.

Admitting to his crimes, the old man revealed that he had committed similar burglaries on at least 50 different occasions, additionally admitting to his rampant theft of women’s undergarments – with police finding him to be in possession of over 700 pairs of both underwear and bras.

The man’s glorious collection, which may possibly be the largest to date:


The old pervert stated that he “wanted women’s underwear, so I stole them”, naturally prompting many to wonder why he simply didn’t purchase them from the many scandalous online sites that offer them used…

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