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Monk’s Mighty Penis Pulls 18-Ton Bus




A Chinese monk from Huizhou seasoned in the art of Kung fu has pulled off a penis-based feat of epic proportions by towing an 18-ton bus using only his masterful member, certain to make any onlooking male grasp their manhood in terror.

The iron-willed monk wore nothing but a shirt to partially cover his penis as he pulled a 42-foot-long bus for an undisclosed distance; during this time the bus had only one person inside, the driver, who can be seen standing up and occasionally guiding the bus – presumably destroying any doubts about the feat being faked.

The astonishing event:

Surprisingly enough, there have been other times where supposed Kung fu masters (and complete nobodies) have used their genitals to move oversized vehicles, such as one instance where a 39-year-old expert used his testicles to forcibly move seven Audi cars a total of 26 feet:

Other videos depicting penis-based vehicle towings:

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