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Instant Ramen Cafe “Talk to a Girl As Your Ramen Cooks”


Otaku capital city Akihabara has offered lonely males yet another activity to help sate their desires for the opposite sex, with “Noodol Cafe” allowing customers to converse with a cute girl whilst they cook them some instant ramen, serving as a 3D alternative to Nissin’s previously released augmented reality ramen

Noodol Cafe (which “cleverly” combines the words noodle and idol) employs “up and coming” idols for customers to casually chat with as they cook their instant ramen, with customers being able to choose their desired idol in addition to their desired flavor of ramen.

Some of the cute girls that buyers can chat with:







The rather steep price of ¥800 (about $7) however may be a turn off (considering most convenience stores have instant ramen for less, to say nothing of actual ramen joints) but since this may be the only opportunity for some to talk with a girl, it could be well worth the price – despite the conversation lasting no longer than 3 minutes…

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