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Resident Evil Foot Race “Run From Zombies!”




A special Resident Evil foot race will soon be making its way to Tokyo City Keiba, allowing participants to either flee from flesh-eating zombies or actually take on the role of the zombies themselves – certain to cater to the interests of many with both options.

The 2 kilometer race will require more than stamina however, as runners will be required to complete missions along the way in true Resident Evil style; should a stray zombie manage to tear away a survivor’s paper apron, the survivors will be out of the race.

An announcement video for the event:

The “Biohazard: Zombie Rush” event will consist of numerous festivities aside from the race, such as a zombie cosplay contest and various goods that can be purchased – Tokyo City Keiba can expect to become swarmed with the living dead come May 21st.

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