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Chikan Acusee Falls to Doom


A man accused of groping a female passenger on a train fell to his death whilst trying to make good his escape from the authorities, adding yet another strain of tragedy and misery to the daily nightmare of the nation’s trains.

The 40-year-old man was (somehow) forcibly dragged by his 30-year-old female accuser to the personnel office at Tokyo’s Ueno Station, where discussions took place before the suspect attempted to flee from the situation – his body was later found wedged between two buildings over 200 meters away from the station; he was declared dead upon arrival to a hospital.

While many are perplexed at how the fleeing chikan managed to die during the incident, police assume the man may have (for some reason) trespassed into a building during his desperate getaway and somehow ended up falling – the case is being treated as an accident or suicide.

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