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Fairy Tail Manga “Will End in Two More Volumes”


Long-running franchise Fairy Tail will soon be concluding, certain to have its dedicated fans quite upset over the rather sudden announcement and bound to have ero-artists even more disappointed as the series will no longer offer inspiration for their perverse illustrations.

Mangaka Mashima Hiro revealed this sudden development himself in the notes of Fairy Tail’s latest release, with him planning to conclude the series (which began in 2006) with 63 total volumes, coming close to Naruto in terms of expansiveness.

Fans of Mashima Hiro’s work need not fret however as the mangaka has previously unveiled that he is working on a brand new series (different from the Fairy Tail universe), though fans still desperate for more Fairy Tail can at least look forward to anime adaptations for reams of manga content that has yet to be covered…

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