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IdolMaster: Side M Introduces High×Joker




Another idol unit has been announced for the upcoming IdolMaster: Side M anime, revealing the 5-man unit “High×Joker” and sure to given rotten fujoshi something to look forward to seeing whilst giving purist IdolMaster fans yet another reason to complain.

A short PV introducing the idols of High×Joker:

An exact air date has not been decided.

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  • Anonymous says:

    ahahahahahahahaha!!! this needs to be burned and fast!! i don’t need anymore anime that will fuel yaoi doujin artist basis cause the F*** who like this F***?! seriously this has got to stop!! no more!! the Original IdolMAster is enough so please people be content with that don’t like this shit hate it!!! this is why HUMANITY IS SLOWLY GETTING MORE STUPID BECAUSE OF THOSE LGBT, WHICH IS A CANCER TO THIS WORLD!!