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Oral Sex Encounter Ends in Death


A man and woman found dead inside a car in New Taipei City were discovered to have succumbed to exhaust fumes whilst they were engaging in oral sex, a climax of the more deadly variety that the couple were likely not trying to achieve.

After receiving a call about two individuals sitting motionless in a vehicle (presumably for a quite extended period of time), police pried into the car and found the woman’s face buried into the lap of the male, who was naked from the waist down; leading police to surmise that they passed away whilst performing oral sex.

While a definitive cause of death has yet to be determined, it is suspected that carbon monoxide emissions may have built up in the ancient vehicle whilst they were unawares, with no evidence regarding foul play or suicide being discovered at the scene.

The identities of the 49-year-old female and 49-year-old male victims have revealed them both to possess different last names and has caused some to speculate that their meeting might have been part of a marital affair, though this has not been officially confirmed.

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