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Corpse Party 2 Remake Announced


Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient will soon be receiving a PC remake, obtaining new scenes and visuals (courtesy of the developer’s new engine) to hopefully accentuate its horrific atmosphere and bound to be perfect for those who can’t get enough of watching innocent children be senselessly mutilated.

The reboot, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues, will be free for fans who are in possession of the previous game and will also be episodic – an old trailer for Corpse Party 2:

The first episode of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues will haunt PCs this coming July.

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  • Anonymous says:

    The first chapter of Corpse Party 2 was pretty good actually. They released it years ago, and there’s translations floating around for anyone wondering. It’s not as creepy as the school based setting, but the hospital setting captures a creepy atmosphere pretty well.

    You find out at the end of the first chapter that the main character doesn’t have a heart lol.

    They also showed an older Ayumi Shinosaki but she wasn’t involved with the first chapter at all because the cast is all new.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bullshit, you just walked around zombies mindlessly then Masami shows up and does the “You’re a dead patient just like them” shirt pull to blood and a missing heart, END.

      It did miserably for a reason..

      • Anonymous says:

        It didn’t do miserably at all.

        And actually no, you don’t. You wake up on an operating table with no idea how you got there, the hospital looks a mess with patient cards scattered around random places. You try and piece together what the hecks happening and look for an exit.

        Of course you come across some survivors, who join you. You baricade yourself in the nurses station, and the womans partner(Who is an evil douche) is the one who screws you.

        At the nurses station, you see a phone call from if memory serves, the CT room. Your friend wants to go, but the woman is all bitchy like and forces her out and tells you if you go, you stay gone.

        True there are “Zombies” wondering around, but there’s some pretty decent “Wrong ends” here. One involving your friend, and the other the bitchy woman who gets eaten by the zombies, along with you..

        Obviously you see more characters(School friends) during this chapter.

        But there’s something VERY wrong in this hospital.