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Sweet Young Bride Slated For the West




MangaGamer have announced that an English release for “Sweet Young Bride” will soon be available for western visual novel enthusiasts to enjoy, with the game revolving around a forced marriage between main protagonist Kouta and blushing bride Hazuki and bound to be a coveted situation by reclusive otaku unable to secure a wife of their own.

The visual novel tells of a government-sponsored marriage program accessible only to a chosen few which has become a normal part of human society, the lucky protagonist however gets the chance to enter into this program and obtains the charming Hazuki as his wife – naturally leading to some sexual activities and other romantic events.












Sweet Young Bride can be pre-ordered now for 10% off; the game will make its arrival on May 19th.

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  • Anonymous says:

    >and bound to be a coveted situation by reclusive otaku unable to secure a wife of their own.

    I am engaged and I still covet the situation. What gives?

    I’ll buy the game btw.

      • Anonymous says:

        STFU 23:34, I am probably in the same position as 17:23, just have not met the right one yet. Also don’t want to lose more than half of the junk I own, along with everything else, and live as a shell of my already shelled out former self. Seen it happen to too many folks.

        I owns passports or perment residence to 3 of the best ranked developed countries in the world, another to one of the fastest growing large economy, a few more to equally nice places if I wanted to go through the hassle. This alone means a ton of chicks and their family will pay to be my wife, had they known.

        Can also go to those countries any day I like, so long as I have time, without packing a thing.

        My income stream is nothing fancy, but it allows me to live frugally forever alone with waifus, if I wanted. Just made more last week, than many ppl will make in ten years. Enough to afford almost any entry level fancy cars brand new, retarded for me to do so, but I can if I wanted.

        Went to and finished 2 of the top 50 schools, by merit. Proficient in more languages than I have fingers on my wanking hand. Used to be able to do hundreds of situps, pushups, ect, and lift a light car. Looks above average, pretty enough to pull off cosplay semi decently.

        Knew all sort of folks who have done all sorts of things, some of them might still be willing to repay minor favors. That includes powerful folks, governor types, billionaire, and folks you don’t want to meet in nightmares,

        A number of non anime fans already shows interest, oh boy if they knew. Too bad I ain’t gonna give up any part of the anime lifu, nor the anime waifu, nor a lot of other things.

        Can go on bragging truthfully, however this brag is already not humble as it is.

        Where are all the joshi who are really into all sorts of anime/manga/doujin? Into the same interest, outlook, beliefs, sports, etc?

        The last one can’t stand K-On & Lucky Stars, among other things, the one before only care about Jojo, the one before can’t stand Sailor Moon & Rumiko’s work, etc.

        Whatever, triggered batshat crazy rant over.

        Getting back on point to the topic at hand, this “Sweet Young Waifu”, She looks nice, a bit young for personal peference. Even if older, still not the type of anime girl for my waifu.