Idol Group Sued Over Dancing Otaku


One devout idol enthusiast has sued idol group KOBerrieS and concert sponsor Radio Kansai for being unable to hear his beloved songstresses due to the clamorous noise produced by dancing otaku in the audience, bringing almost American levels of litigation to the already rotten world of idols.

Otagei (“otaku performances”) consists of synchronized glow stick waving and shouting and serves as a means for otaku to appease their idols, one particular concertgoer however was not at all amused by this questionable tribute as it apparently hampered his ability to enjoy the concert.

Some examples of Otagei dancing:

The disgruntled idol fan held the event’s organizers responsible for not confronting the disruptive otaku and demanded ¥1 million (almost $9000, which was likely the amount he spent attempting to gather concert tickets by purchasing idol goods) as compensation, or for KOBerrieS to perform another concert – which he would be given a ticket for.

The court however dismissed the lawsuit and rejected the subsequent appeal (3 years after the concert occurred), claiming that the dancing was merely an eccentric way to appreciate the music (and showing their ignorance of idol culture in the process) and that as the event had no rules against such dancing the claim was even more spurious.

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