Roger Jr Expunged From Tekken 7


Concerns for the poor innocent fictional kangaroos have forced the beloved Roger Jr to be forcefully removed from the western version of Tekken 7, another instance of activists being more concerned about fake animals than real ones.

The source of the complaints apparently stem from a video featuring a man punching a kangaroo in the face because it had his dog in a headlock; executive producer Katsuhiro Harada mentioned that numerous animal activists would then complain about the game because it is possible to punch a (baby) kangaroo – even though those complaining have likely never even played the game before.

Despite these complaints, Tekken’s other animal fighter – Kuma the bear – will still remain in the fighting game because he is “obviously stronger than a human being”; Roger Jr’s father was apparently excluded from being removed as well.

Whether PETA was involved in the absurd decision or it was merely another horde of game-hating SJWs drunk on outrage culture and still bleeding from every orifice in the aftermath of their Gamergate raping remains to be seen, but regardless of this Tekken is no stranger when it comes to controversy – as indicated by the backlash received from when “Lucky Chloe” was announced.

Tekken 7 will launch in the west for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in June.

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