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Live Action Teen Titans Announced


Teen Titans has become the next cherished childhood series to receive a fated live action adaptation known simply as “Titans”, an announcement that will no doubt have hardcore fans already anticipating the worst, though some believe there is still hope considering it is not a Hollywood adaptation based on a Japanese source.

While no information has been divulged in regards to how closely this new drama will follow the beloved original, notable co-producers such as Greg Berlanti (The Flash), Geoff Johns (president of DC Entertainment and the chief creative officer of DC Comics) and Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Discovery) have perhaps aided in lessening negative criticism.

The live action drama will be part of a new (and currently unnamed) streaming service created by Warner Bros and DC Entertainment, sparing those still in possession of an ancient device known as a “television” the trauma that the potentially awful series may induce.

Titans will make its fateful arrival sometime in 2018.

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