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JS Gum Molester Stuck Up Dozens


A male bus driver has been arrested by police for molesting a young girl, using chewing gum of all things as a means to hide his true intentions but still failing to even fool a 10-year-old girl.

Approaching the girl on a road in Hachioji City in western Tokyo, the 39-year-old asked her what city they were currently in before slyly sticking chewing gum to her pants, proceeding to point out the gum to the girl.

He then proceeded to fondle her chest and bottom – apparently thinking the girl would consider this an acceptable extension of helping her remove the offending article.

Admitting to his crimes after his arrest, the bus driver was charged with indecent assault and told police that he performed the same heinous deed over 20 times (suggest his MO and estimation of the intelligence of 10-year-old girls was not so hare-brained after all), and police have confirmed that they are aware of as many as 26 cases similar to this one going as far back as 2006.

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