Yakuza Boss Busted “For Stealing Apples!”


Police have apprehended a Yakuza gang boss accused of filching fruit and other basic necessities from a Nagoya grocery store, with the arrest sure to be humiliating for the established man if he did indeed commit such a petty crime – and perhaps the only way cops could catch him.

Affiliated with the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, the 55-year-old boss allegedly stole 64 items (from apples and watermelons to common goods for a total value of ¥25,357) from a common grocery store for reasons unknown, naturally making many wonder why someone of such criminal stature would resort to stealing cheap sundries – though some may theorize that the man was framed (somehow).

Despite denying the charges, the Yakuza higher-up was allegedly seen filling up two baskets with items alongside two other supposed henchmen before exiting the store without paying in classic sticky-fingered delinquent style – a female security guard spotted them packing the stolen goods into their vehicle and ordered them to stop, but they were somehow unfazed by this onslaught and made off with their pathetic haul anyway.

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