New IdolMaster Spin-Off Manga “All About Kotori!”


IdolMaster fans will soon be in possession of a new spin-off manga featuring beloved office clerk Otonashi Kotori, finally unveiling more about the middle-aged background character’s past and former idol life whilst likely satiating the lusts of those constantly desiring more content of the franchise’s “original girls”.

The announcement was revealed via the June issue of Monthly Comic Rex, which revealed that the new manga, “Asayake wa Kogoneiro: The IdolMaster”, will make its debut on May 27th in next month’s volume:


The green-haired beauty, whilst a staple background character for numerous IdolMaster games, has had little to no relevance to each game’s plot and has only ever had brief moments telling of her personal life; this new manga should hopefully answer any and all questions that curious fans will have about her.

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