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VR Kanojo Aroma Technology “Smell Her Pantyhose!”


Virtual reality eroge VR Kanojo has attempted to push the boundaries of erotic fantasies and VR by introducing artificial aromas courtesy of Vaqso VR’s previously revealed scent technology, bound to be considered a new era for smell fetishists whilst others may merely be further grossed out by the frontlines of male thirst.

The Unite 2017 Tokyo event will be offering attendees the chance to try this new innovative technology for themselves, allowing them to indulge in the scent of the pantyhose worn by the game’s heroine whilst likely drawing weird looks from passersby – Vaqso VR will be promoting the product at the Illusion booth.

Scents are discharged from the headset by tiny fans wafting them to the player at a rate dependent on their proximity to the source in the game, an idea that has yet to be judged by the general public on its effectiveness, but should it succeed, it could very well enhance the VR experience.



Tickets are available now from the event’s official site; Unite 2017 Tokyo will take place from May 8th to May 9th – VR Kanojo is also available for purchase online.

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