Sankaku App 2.5: Video Enhancements

Original Neeko Smartphone Illustration by Aldehyde

Version 2.5 of the Sankaku App for Android brings an upgraded video player and a slew of minor bug fixes, allowing mobile users unprecedented access to the internet’s largest trove of questionable WebMs and such.

The upgrade includes:

A play/pause button, the pinnacle of technology in video-watching.

A seek bar, displaying two labels for current and total time, which of course can be manipulated second by second, save for the shortest of videos.

A toggle mute button which will magically silence any audio a video may have as needed (independently of the device’s volume controls). Please keep in mind the toggled state is saved across all videos.

Bug fixes and minor performance enhancements, adding to those included in the unannounced 2.4 update.

The tale of how and why such an advanced feature has come to be added so late in the day is a simple one – a previous update shifted the video player used to one with vastly better playback and format support, temporarily losing the controls in the process; executions have been scheduled as appropriate.

The update is available for all editions of the Android app: Black, White and Idol.

Questions or suggestions, complaints or comments, all are welcome!

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