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Bayonetta 3 “Rumored”


A sequence of short videos used to showcase a few of the English phrases that Bayonetta‘s main witchy heroine tends to utter have caused some to deduce that a 3rd Bayonetta title may be on the way, a practical inevitability considering the platinum-tier success of the franchise.

Platinum Games have been releasing numerous videos and blog posts explaining the development process for the sexy series, with one particular post utilizing 5 “odd” videos to show off the witch’s assortment of over-the-top English phrases – some have realized however that each video loops its phrase 3 times, leading some to reachingly speculate that a 3rd game might be arriving soon.

The “peculiar” set of videos:

Should this new game actually be in production (and it would certainly seem something is in production), fans can look forward to it likely being unveiled for all latest gen platforms – including PC, considering the colossal support Sega has gotten for Bayonetta’s PC release.

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  • Hopefully this one comes out on a not dead and absurdly underpowered system, the fact the second one had to languish and die on the Wii U was awful, thankfully a wii U emulator is close to being done so I can play it.

    now that the first one is on PC hopefully we can get 3 on PC too and it might actually sell well.

  • Hopefully it’s not Switch exclusive. Nintendo may have funded the sequel but then they wrapped a chain around it’s legs and attached to a lead weighted Wii U and dropped it in the ocean. Bayonetta deserves better than to languish on weak Nintendo hardware.

      • Who cares about wich company fund the game, the players are the ones who wanted tha game. Nintendo users didnt give a crap about Bayo. If the game sold copies (probably a fifth of what it could have sell if it was developed for ps4/x1) is because there where ps/xbox users who already owned a wiiU for some reason.
        Im still salty about that game, and no, I wont spend that money on a garbage plastic box just to play one game.

        • I have news for you, Sony and MS users didn’t care about Bayonetta either. You may not know but when it was released for the 360 it sold like 100K in the first few months then fell right into the bargain bin to slowly make it’s way to a million at less than $20. That is why Sega didn’t see it as viable. If the “players wanted the game” then maybe Sony or MS would have seen it as an option they didn’t.

          Stay Salty my Friend

      • Exactly, both SOny & Microsoft had their chance & they fucked up. Nintendo saved this series so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t remain on Nintendo consoles exclusively, after all it’ll definitely help boost sales for the Switch…not that it needs it since the Switch is selling faster than the Wii did which means it WILL surpass the ps4 in terms of sales in the not too distant future.

        • Oh you mean like how Square-Penis only used them for the battle mechanics in Nier Automata? Yeah sure because small bit rolls in development earn them sooo much money. Don’t worry I fully plan on enjoying the new Mario game as well as Bayonetta 3 since…you know…you Psycho SOny Cronies pretty much told Platinum Games to fuck themselves over Bayonetta 2. They’ve got no reason to put this game on playstation anything ever again.

          Nice job pissing off Platinum Games kiddo, you’ll never get another Bayonetta game on playstation now hahaaaa!!

    • Yeah, its sad but I think your right, I remember when the last Bayo was funded to be on Nintendo exclusive, they gave away the rights if Nintendo founded the game development or something like that.

      • It’s better that this game is a Nintendo exclusive than a fucking GAYstation exclusive. You guys lose your shit when you’re denied ONE FUCKING GAME while Nintendo fans have been denied far too many 3rd party games & we haven’t threatened anyone despite us wanting the same games on our system of choice. Get over yourself you Psycho SOny Crony, no one cares about playstation as much as they used to so deal with it.

        • Yep just like it’s bad that so many games are wasted on playstation only exclusivity. Well you better get over it & bug a Nintendo Switch then. It’s a great system that has more potential than a playstation since you aren’t limited to playing it in one area & can take console gaming on the go with you.

        • SEGA probably couldn’t find Bayonetta 2 because they were too busy reimbursing tens of thousands of PSO2 players for formatting their HDDs.

          And then they probably had to find someone who could code worth a shit.

        • I’m not blaming anyone man, what I wrote was:

          1.Market has shown its ready for some sexy female action game, as Nier success is a good example of that.

          2. Its sad that Bayo3 if it comes, will be exclusive to only one console, as Nintendo has the right for future instalments when they founded second instalment.

          That’s it.

        • Neir was published by SquareEnix though that is why it was on PC also. If you want to blame anyone for Bayonetta 2 being exclusive blame SEGA for not funding the product. Also Blame SEGA for not paying Nintendo off so Bayonetta 2 can be ported to PC. Nintendo showed Bayonetta franchise more respect than Sega they allowed her into Smash in front of many other deserving characters.