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    I have the original, i’ve been trying to meticulously compare both that one as this one and honestly the only differences I can note are:
    – base
    – more “tame” back-hair
    – white gleam on her fringe

    Is the pose slightly different? I feel like the old one has a more cranked neck and longer limbs…

  • The figure is more likely a new release for the character itself coz this time the figure design is more likely follow the anime character design,so for me this new one is more beautiful n cute for Leviathan.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not a new release. It’s just a freshed out re-release. I already have the previous releases, it’s exactly the same pose and shape. Do you think they’d invest money to make new molds of a figure with the same pose? Nope.

      Only difference I can spot: the eyes are slightly different as you said to match the anime. But that’s just a decal that cost peanuts to the factory compared to a brand new mold. The painting and shadowing is more detailed, but I wouldn’t hold my breath since the quality of the prototypes and photographic samples are usually much higher than the mass production items.

      The biggest difference is the smaller light up base. But that’s a smaller investment for a mold that’s split and shared among all the re-releases they plan to do.