Fire Emblem Echoes “More of the Same”




The next entry into the highly revered Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, has revealed details regarding the game’s classic turn-based system, bound to have some wishing that the franchise would innovate to at least some extent…

The 5-minute long English trailer, for those who had not seen the Japanese version from some time ago:

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is currently available now in Japan for the 3DS, with a western release slated for May 19th.

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  • Pretty desperate for them clicks, aren’t you? Is the site in financial trouble?

    I can’t imagine why else you would accuse the remake of Gaiden of all things of being “more of the same”.

    Well, there is the second possibility of you just being a tool.

  • “More of the Same”

    Where the hell do you even get these so called quotes? Gaiden is one of the most radically different entries in the series, and this remake takes those aspects and runs with them. Just more click bait headlines from Sankaku as usual.

    • “The art is pretty shitty”

      “I liked the sprites from the SNES and GBA versions better then this”

      You’re practically OD’ing on nostalgia.

      Do you think liking low-quality sprite art makes you the perfect arbiter for judging good art?

      Take off those rose-tinted glasses for a second, yeah? Modern Fire Emblem art is better than retro FE art. Whether you’re talking about style, quality, IQ, /or/ designs.

        • “Like I said, I don’t care what you like and dislike. If you like shitty art, have fun with your shitty art. My taste differs.”

          Translates from troll to:

          “I’m in way over my head in this conversation, and the only way to validate my terrible opinion (and taste lol) is through trolling and downvoting.”

          I read you loud and clear, little guy. Maybe when you acquire actual taste and…not what it is you /think/ you have now, you can participate in a grown-up discussion like a big boy.

          Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

        • This might come as a surprise to you, but you’re expected to defend your positions in a debate. You’re not special, and those norms apply to you.

          “That’s so ridiculous, do you even really believe such arguments exist?”

          Yes. The same way anyone with two brain cells to rub together can argue that Alex Ross is a better artist than Rob Liefeld.

          There are things called “standards”, you know, that don’t get thrown out the window because you’re one of those intellectually dishonest prats that believe /everything/ is subjective.

          There’s nothing “shitty” about Echoes’ art. Nothing there is stylistically, technically, or compositionally deficient.

          “You can like your shitty art”

          Here’s that word again. Dude, either put up or shut up, because all you’re doing at this point is trolling and wasting your and my time.

          “I’m not out to convince you here, just saying how I see it.”

          You’ve only proven yourself capable of blustering; there’s nothing you’ve posted that says you can convince anyone of jack shit. lol

        • “There is great contemporary art and this isn’t how it looks like.”

          Right. Only the contemporary styles you subscribe to qualify as good.

          Get over yourself, buddy. You haven’t made any arguments as to why Echoes’s art is “shitty”.

          The only thing you’ve done is made appeals to nostalgia.