Constipated Man “Shoved An Eel Up His Ass”


A visit to the hospital by a Chinese man afflicted with stomach pains has led to doctors astonishingly extracting an eel from his stomach, with the man inserting the aquatic animal into his anus in an attempt to unblock his intestines – and no doubt garnering the wrath of PETA.

Having visited the hospital earlier due to his excruciating stomach pains, the 49-year-old man was informed that he had significant bowel blockage (constipation) and was advised to remain in the hospital for treatment; the troubled man unfortunately refused and decided to take matters into his own hands by inserting a 50cm long live eel into his rectum.

The “eel tamer” was under the impression that eels could be used to alleviate constipation according to an old medicinal practice he learned about, the treatment however had the opposite effect as he instead succumbed to even greater pain.

After being rushed to the hospital, surgeons extracted the 8-ounce eel:




The man told his doctor that the eel managed to wedge itself into his anus by accident, but upon removal he admitted to his self-remedy disaster.

Whatever pain the man felt must have been an even worse pitch-black ordeal for the confused eel (which passed away during extraction), though the man should regard himself lucky to have survived the incident at all

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