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“Images of the glorious oppai-laden (and uncensored) eroge that is Funbag Fantasy:”
*proceed to censor the said image*
“Alright, that looks uncencosed to me!”

Sankaku logic in a nutshell

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  • Funbag Fantasy “Hard” Copy Announced:
    The image gallery is something different. They can’t actively post certain images (the main site), but have no control over what others upload (the image site).

  • Funbag Fantasy “Hard” Copy Announced:
    @Anony 11:03 20/04/2017 Really? Because I’m sure that I’ve seen many uncensored images and videos in the gallery section. any way, encouraging people to support the eroge by hiding the uncensored version is a good thing.

  • Funbag Fantasy “Hard” Copy Announced:
    If you notice the boobs first then great, you’re still a human. Anothing thing is that this is news of a Japanese *game* being ported to the west. If there’s any meaning you picked up on my second sentence, congratulations! You are still capable of thought or common sense.

  • Funbag Fantasy “Hard” Copy Announced:
    I could agree with you that this is a porn site but in the case of games/games’ content, there is *still* copyright to be observed(at least to a degree). I don’t think SanCom is 100% porn site. They feature articles and news that’s from japan that involves anime and games.

  • Funbag Fantasy “Hard” Copy Announced:
    sounds like the worst place to host a porn site. like putting a cotton farm in detroid

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