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  • First thing I thought when I saw Sakura as the article pic was “you mean tears of frustration and annoyance”? Because that’s how I felt about Naruto by the end of it. Seriously, the series is such a popular whipping boy for otaku these days (and deservedly so) that you tend to forget that, back when it first began and for the first couple of hundred chapters, it was FUCKING SWEET, before it all went to shit and descended into a terribly-written farce.

    • Anon. I’d advise you to actually read One Piece and get very far in it. Then you will finally understand how you can cry to it as well as why it’s the most popular manga out there.

      Specifically, finish the Water 7 – Enies Lobby Arc. Your views of One Piece will change dramatically after you finish this arc.

    • Shutup moetard, evidently you don’t know one piece, hence your shit post. There are plenty of moments that are extremely touching all the way thorough not only dropping a tear or 2 but genuinely and literally crying.

      I can cite a few examples not in order sentimentality:

      1)When Luffy frees Nami form Arlong

      2)While reading Robin backstory as child the moment of maximum exposure when Robin is helped by SAUL and tells her one day she will meet real friends that care for her(was literally crying the whole volume or 2 her entire backstory takes place)

      3)When Luffy and co finally makes its to the top of Ennies Lobby striking a super cool pose (all) to save Robin and Luffy asks her what she really want and Robin shouts that SHE WANTS HIM TO TAKE HER TO THE SEA, this can be the most touching and coolest moment im the entire series so far

      4)Another extremely touching moment is when Luffy finally defeats Rob Lucci, this is luffys best fight so far and had to literally give 120% to defeat him, ended up unable to move and Merry go by her own will arrives to save all the straw hats escape

      5)Immediately after Merry go used her last energy to save the crew in the past cited point, she manages to speak and be heard by all giving a super touching speech and saying thanks to the crew for all their adventures and apologizing for being unable to carry on her adventures with them, Luffy and the crew, specially Usopp finally accepting Merry go is going to die, he gives the order to burn their beloved friend and let her rest in peace in the deep ocean for good.

      6)When Vivi decided to remain a princess of Alabasta as her goal is to help her kingdom and her people, giving up on traveling the world with her nakana, then we see another super cool touching scene in which all the straw hat crew revel the mark on their amrs (which they implement to recognize each other as genuine nakama due to some story circumstances), in sing of them still recognizing her as nakama, telling her without words she will always be her nakama.

      7)When Ace dies on Luffy´s hands in the war protecting Luffy.

      There are of course many more moments, but I think these are the top ones which have caused most fans to literally cry going thorough theme, not just dropping a couple tears.

      We can add plenty more of course:

      -When whitebeard dies on foot.

      -When Shanks lose an arm protecting kid Luffy.

      -When Sanji on his knees thanks Zeff for saving him as kid when he was starving and teaching him how to cook.

      -When Mr.2 sacrifices himself to let Luffy and co escape from Impel Down and go save Ace.

      -When Namis stepmom Bell-mère dies protecting her form Arlong´s crew.

      -When Nami breaks down and finally drops the tough act and ask Luffy to help her deafta Arlong and liberate her village.

      -When Dandan asks Garp why he did not help save Ace when he was there in the war and still let him die.

      -When Kuma shows Luffy how weak he is, so weak he cold not save a single Nakama from him.

      -When the straw hat crew reaffirn their dreams while ready to enter the grandline.

      -When Zoro is beaten by Mihawk and swears to become the greatest swordsman while in tears

      – When Luffy recruits Chopper.

      -When doflamingo kills rosinante

      – Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms

      -When Luffy beats Usopp and he is expelled from the crew.

      ………….There is even more