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Sorry but he’s a cold blooded murderer. Needs the seriousness to stay consistent with the story.

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  • Rokuaka Rife With Magical Combat:
    for what it’s worth, this episode he didn’t have the upper hand quite as much, and there’s not so much room for jokesterism when you’re in real danger of getting pummeled…

  • Rokuaka Rife With Magical Combat:
    Bored show and epic generic. The male prota have 0 charm damm.

  • Rokuaka Rife With Magical Combat:
    You drop tons of hints at how cool someone is without showing it. That is a normal plot device especially in light novel drivel.

  • Rokuaka Rife With Magical Combat:
    The real question: Why the hell is he so good at tying knots? That is the second dude he has tied up with excessively complex knots. Clearly his secret job was BDSM, not assassination.

  • Rokuaka Rife With Magical Combat:
    O rape, were art thou? Previous episode was heading in the right direction, but now they suddenly stop.

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  • Deep Throat Face Rather Ridiculous:
    At least give her the eye just like in the cover picture, well anyway looks interesting, I like it

  • Sonic the Hedgehog “Now An Alt-Left Symbol”:
    tribalism is now the new cool in most “lefties”

  • Sonic the Hedgehog “Now An Alt-Left Symbol”:
    lol I used to be a liberal until the “left” went far left on the political spectrum. Now I’m a centrist. Heck, everyone who is a freethinker is a Nazi nowadays.

  • PlayStation Twitter Hacked “PSN Databases Compromised”:
    Yes you can brute force passwords in this day and age. Alaktorn shows the usual way of doing this. I believe you need atleast a password with 22+ characters (with special characters) these days to be relatively save from bruteforce hacks.

  • Top 10 Shonen Jump Anime Fiends:
    thats just about the entirety of one piece since 3D2Y. Hodi = Arlong (Even the “Luffy, save me” moment from Nami was used by Shirahoshi). Punk Hazard might as well have been Drum Island. Dressrosa is easily the Alabasta Arc like you said. Zou might as well be Sky Island. Whole Cake Island is mirroring CP9 (Enies Lobby) arc. Except instead of grabbing Robin and run, it’s grab Sanji and run.


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