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IdolM@ster.KR Promo Introduces the Idols




IdolMaster fans have been given another glimpse at the upcoming “blasphemous” IdolM@ster.KR live action TV drama, with the rather lengthy PV formally introducing each of the show’s Korean idols and possibly making them likable enough to convince the naysayers to watch.

The 10-minute PV, which also handily possesses English subtitles:

A cover for the franchise’s theme song “The IdolM@ster” was previously revealed courtesy of the upcoming TV drama’s “B-Side” sub-unit, which will apparently serve as the live action show’s theme song:

A choreography video for the above performance was also unveiled:

IdolM@ster.KR will possess 24 episodes and is slated to air on TV in Korea on April 28th.

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