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Shingeki no Kyojin Stage Play Cancelled Over Death


Tragic news has surfaced as Kazutaka Yoshino, a cast member of the upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin stage play, has passed away in an accident whilst checking the acrobatic wire rigging – and leading to the entire stage play being cancelled as a result.

The 38-year-old acrobat (previously a Cirque du Soleil performer who had also worked on the acclaimed Naruto stage play) was in charge of the acrobatic stunts involved in the play, an accident however had taken place on the set, causing the man to plummet a terrifying 30 feet – he succumbed to a heart attack and passed away upon arrival to a hospital.

Continuing the play was considered an impossible task by producers, who stated that Yoshino’s input and expertise were vital to the demanding project and felt they had no resort but cancelling it altogether.

The project’s staff have naturally apologized for the inconvenience and assured fans that the police are investigating to determine the cause of the accident; those who purchased advance tickets have been guaranteed a refund.

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