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  • I’m really enjoying this anime, at first i thought that this would be your average bullshit harem garbage, turns out to be very entertaining unlike eromanga-sensei who i was excited for then turned out to be complete shit.

    • I can totally relate…
      Was kinda looking forward to Eromanga-Sensei and the first episode was okay, but reading the manga itself (had to stop after that Muramasa bitch invited herself in) i fear the worst – unlike Renai Boukun, which is stupidly overdrawn and hilarious from the start.

      • Well, the reason most people don’t like it is because it’s bargain bin garbage. Using nothing but cliches and tropes, without any real substance of its own. The MC is one dimensional and the female protagonist is less than one dimensional. The real question is, “How can someone like Eromanga-sensei?” Besides “Omigod, she’s cute.”