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Sankaku Apple App 2.3: Equality

Original Illustration by Matsunaga Kouyou

The Apple iOS edition of the Sankaku App has been brought up to 2.3, at last making it equal with the Android edition in terms of features.

The changes, which aim to bring the app into final parity with the Android version, include the following:

Ranking screen added
Pools screen added
Long tap a thumbnail to favorite it without opening
“Remember me” option added
Bookmarks for the main menu added
Threshold selector on the search screen now shown
Various bugs fixed

The Apple app is available on Apple’s App Store, with a possibility to enable the viewing of more degenerate illustrations by turning off content filters on the Channel itself.

The Android app for the Channel can be freely downloaded in its pure maiden white or lewd vixen black versions. 3D enthusiasts can also get the Idol Complex app.

Questions or suggestions, complaints or comments, all can be sent by email for both iOS and Android users.

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