Nekopara Volume 3 Depressingly Delayed


Luscious catgirl eroge Nekopara has announced that its upcoming 3rd volume will unfortunately be delayed due to the illness of head artist Sayori, certain to have many disappointed as the incredibly sexy eroge possesses substantial popularity (perhaps not entirely thanks to its H-scenes).

The official Nekopara blog post on the matter:

Notice of Delay for the Release of NekoPara Vol. 3

NekoPara Vol. 3 was slated for an April 28, 2017 release but Sayori, the creator and illustrator of the series, has been hospitalized for a sudden illness. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, the release date is to be postponed till May 26, 2017.

Given the sudden nature of this announcement and how close it is to the original release date, we sincerely apologize for having disappointed everyone who had been patiently awaiting this release.

The entire staff will expend every effort to make sure that without any doubt, NekoPara Vol. 3 will be released on May 26th. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s continued support and patronage.


The 3rd volume of spicy catgirl eroge Nekopara has been pushed back to May 26th, an all-ages and R18+ version will both be available at launch.

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