Omega Labyrinth Z “Level Up to Z-Size!”




Breast-based rogue-like Omega Labyrinth Z has finally debuted its first trailer, revealing all the petite maidens players will have the pleasure of “busting up” whilst bringing back plenty of labyrinth-exploring RPG action, in addition to some more scandalous semi-nude groping scenes to kick things up a notch.

The jiggly 4 and a half minute debut trailer:

The maximum breast size that can be achieved in this newest entry is “Z” and a few of the cute schoolgirls from the previous game will make their return as well; Omega Labyrinth Z is set for release on July 6th for the PS4 and Vita.

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  • Anonymous says:

    The original Omega Labyrinth was actually a really good game on top of all the fanservice – there was a lot of strategy involved in managing your boob size, and using paizuri to appraise items was genius. And giving your girls sexy massages to unlock their skills. They actually tied all the fanservicey elements into the gameplay very well.

    Not to mention, as a roguelike, it was really well designed. It was toppled my favourite Vita roguelike when Shiren 5 came out, but even playing that I found myself missing being able to burn off Omega Power to appraise/craft within the dungeon, and the auto-pathing dash feature. I really hope you can still make your characters sing in this new one.

    Hopefully someone will pick this up for a local release since there’s also a PS4 version – the original one, alas, stayed unlocalized because nobody wanted to release a niche Vita-only game in the West, even if it is a god-tier dungeon crawler with inflatable boobs.