Ghost in the Shell Flop “Because of Fanboys!”


Live action Ghost in the Shell movie US distribution chief Kyle Davies has been whining that fanboys and reviewers complaining about whitewashing are the reason the title’s box office take was so abysmal – despite most movie critics also being in agreement that the film itself was quite sub-par.

Kyle Davies alluded to the difficulties around sticking to the source for a series that many fans know and love whilst also catering to watchers unfamiliar with it in its entirety, choosing to blame the fanboys crying over the “whitewashing” matter rather than the studio’s inability to make a compelling feature.

Kyle Davies’ entire remark on the matter:

“We had hopes for better results domestically. I think the conversation regarding casting impacted the reviews.

You’ve got a movie that is very important to the fanboys since it’s based on a Japanese anime movie.

So you’re always trying to thread that needle between honoring the source material and make a movie for a mass audience.

That’s challenging, but clearly, the reviews didn’t help.“

Many critics, including many of the reviewers themselves, believed that the movie’s downfall would be due to its sheer Hollywood quality rather than the casting controversy, as such live action adaptations are by now a byword for failure and “gensaku rape.”

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  • That’s the perspective that they’re talking about What it does is helps devalues working women because they MIGHT have to BEAR CHILD at ANY That’s a good way of maintaining the status It is also a good way of making sure paternity leave isn’t a real thing We’d all be better if we decided that having both would be progressive steps

  • Knew it was gonna suck, because getting a white chick to play the major is just one symptom of them not actually giving a fuck about the characters. And not giving a fuck about the character is what actually broke the movie.

  • Unforgiven
    eye in the sky
    dangerous liaisons
    The good, the bad, the ugly
    What women want
    My fair lady

    are to name a few movies that Hollywood movies (white roles) were blatantly recast-ed Asian, for the Asian market. It is a common practice and is not a hollywood only practice, its marketing.

    I watched the Ghost in the shell movie…and felt it was a good movie.. Scarlett Jo did a good job..(not great) her portraying major was a little to stiff. The other actors did great and the plot was well written and followed the movie (anime) in most cases. Remember that Ghost in the shell the anime bombed in Japan in its first release only when it came west did it become what it is now.

  • Damn for everyone saying the is a shit because of damn-washing, name changes of charactes… Togusa on the movie is more japanese than in the manga or anime. This movie is f***ing awesome!!! For me it’s a manga prequel showing how she became what she is.

  • He’s right. The Fanboys are killing it.

    Which is a shame. It’s a good movie.

    and yes, I’ve read the manga.

    Seen all the movies.

    Watched all of the series.

    Yes, it isn’t 100 percent true to the original manga, but then neither was the first movie.

  • Hey, you know a weird film that came from source material western movie goers were unfamiliar with yet became a hit despite being brought to them unchanged? The movie that this movie is based on. How the hell can these people keep failing so hard at logic? I guess they cant just outright say “we see the majority of movie goers as idiots who couldnt understand the real movie so we had to water it down for them”.

  • I didn’t even care about the whitewashing.

    It was them missing the themes of the original and small shit that bothered me.

    Why did we need a “Bad Scientist Mom” lifetime channel character?

  • This movie was for a mainstream audience like the marvel / DC comics.
    “!” That’s all.
    Its arrogance, mixed with ignorance.
    They try to make gits like superman or marvel movies are done.
    Funny on a certain “meta”-level: The movies doesn’t have the “ghost”. 😉

  • ~~~SPOILERS~~~

    If no one saw the movie honestly, you see that the bodies she is placed into and name she was given at the start of the movie were fabricated and were not even close to being close to her original body looked like. later near the end of the movie she recollects some of her old memories before they attempted to decommission her. She escapes and goes back to where her original unaltered memories lead her. she finds a Asian woman who is mourning the lose of her daughter, she remarks how the major reminds her of her daughter and how she looks at her the same way she had did. When the major finally asks for the name you hear her say “Motoko”

    BOOOM so fuck all the people complaining about white washing.

  • Their own advertising was their downfall, everyone is tired of the fighting against “injustice” and feminism. The “they made me, but they dont own me” turned me off to the movie, and will most likely never watch it because of that.

  • Forget the “whitewashing” flap, if you want to bust this movie, try going after it on feminist grounds: they took a story about a powerful female character, a team-leader who gives orders to the other people on stage (“Major” is not her first name, it’s her rank. She’s called “The Major”), and they turned her into an insecure junior member who’s insecure about her position and her place in the world– they made that the *focus* of the story, going for a “who am I?” plot, when Motoko has *always* known precisely who she is. It’s not about where she came from it’s about where she’s going. Hacking up the ending to allow for easy sequels wasn’t very bright.

    And yeah, lifting the visuals from the anime and dropping the underlying rationales was pretty irritating.

    The effects were pretty cheesy, as well– what did they do, spend all their cash on ScarJo?

    Anyway, her acting was okay, for what it’s worth. They should try giving her a script next time. Maybe they should try hiring a Japanese writer.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    I was never an actual fan of the GitS anime movies or shows but the manga was good. The 2017 movie is basically on par with the non-manga Japanese stuff. The Batou was perfect too.

  • Too much style over substance. Also, did they think they were going to sell tickets to non-fans of GitS? Women and people with children were going to be turned off by the naked suit. Men were going to be turned off by a lot of the sci-fi weirdness. The only way this film was going to succeeed was by winning over fans, and between white-washing and Hollywood’s inability to do these types of films well, fans were not convinced.

  • You all that complain about these Live Actions and do not support it! Do not whine when they stop even making them. Only if people support them will they start to try new things and find the right balance.

    The Live Action needs to find a balance.. general viewers that have never seen the anime can follow but enough to satisfy Anime watchers. But if you quit supporting them this balance will never be found and it will be the death of Live Action movies!

    What if George Lucas never tried to produce Star Wars and took a gamble and won? Do you think we would have the Science Fiction movies of today? The same is with Live Action if they all fail they will stop even trying to produce them and the balance will never be found. If these movies succeed next time they will most likely try to take more of a risk and gamble.

  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad about the controversy and bad marketing as it was actually a decent movie that only being shafted because the review are comparing it to the original. There are some review that do care about the race also which is stupid, but whatever.

    That being said half the movie dod felt like Ghost in the shell, while the other half was female robotcop with less substance tbh.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ya no sorry you hired a chick that doesn’t do nude, for an adaptation of an anime, whose most famous scene has a chick jumping off a building naked and splattering a bunch of dudes brains all over a room.

  • The casts skin color was irrelevant, Mokoto could have been cast as a black women for all I care. The problem was it was just not a good movie in general.

    When you try to Hollywood an anime then make it watchable to a mass audience you already fucked it up.

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem is not about casting Scarlett Johansson as an ersatz of Motoko, the problem is that there’s a fucking huge difference between “honoring the source” and simply take what’s have already been done and copy/paste some of it’s material and simply threading it together in hope to make money of it.

    The result was a big pile of shitty garbage as usual from hollywood. Let’s hope they never do a sequel and that it will teach them a lesson(i bet not but we’ll see…)

  • Anonymous says:

    All I’m gonna say is, if you want a Japanese Gits then ask the Japanese movie maker to make one. They can’t, won’t or what ever? Well I’m happy to get a movie as close at to the source material(s) as this one is that is not an out-right shot-to-shot live-adaptation.

  • Anonymous says:

    the question remains why. Why an american actress? The possible and for me most plausible answer: to use(abuse…) this material as a vehicle to push Johansson carrier. That’s all what this movie was about. Beeing the female Bladerunner to get better paid movie offers. So you can defend Scarlett but also ask yourself why she deserved the role more than the next asian actress who has the same right to be in this movie. Or mabye ask yourself if you would like it if Saber from Fate/Stay would be played by a latin american actress instead of a european caucasian if they ever do a live action movie about that. And the racism here is not that we the fans want authencity. The racism is that they give the protagonist a non asian face as if she would think that is better. That’s the real racism. “Even asians want to look like us if they could.”

    • The actual question remains why you folks think this is an interesting question. You need to be completely unfamiliar with the material and Japanese culture in general to think that’s an interesting question. Like, why are you arguing about this casting decision, and not some other, if you don’t know or care anything about the original material?

      BTW: many, many Japanese people like the *look* of white people (try looking at cosmetic surgery trends for a minute before you call me “racist”). You need to argue with them, if you don’t like it– I would love to see you guys try that, actually, let’s see you do it without coming off as condescending (if not “cultural imperialist”).

  • Anonymous says:

    The original 1995 movie is generally get better response in the review compared to whatever the new one tries to be.

    I give the new one benefit of a doubt until they released that 5 minute teaser where a simple nearly uneventful political assassination turn into generic hollywood action scene.

    “Yep, it’s going to “that” direction. It’s gonna sucks.”

  • Anonymous says:

    For what it was the movie was boring. It also felt a bit b-rate cheesy without the charm that goes with making those films great.

    I don’t have any real fandom with the series, and I barely remember anything that happened in it so this movie was truly a blank slate for me. And as a movie it stunk.

  • Anonymous says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. STFU cunts.

    The MAIN reason Git bluedogShat flopped is because cunts take this great franchise and turn it into shat, plain and simple.

    And you cunts dragged the great name of GitS, and some of WETA’s hard work with it. The galls of you trying to now play the blame game on anything else, even tried to tarnish the original in order to justify the reason this turned to crap.

    Now STFU, we “fanboys” don’t need you, but you came and tries to entice us with your crap, after you fail to do so with the “mainstream”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know from the start that this won’t be a faithful adaptation so I came with a common watcher mindset and try to give it a shot without comparing it to the original, but guess what, they dumbbed down the plot so generic it was painful to watch… If they think they’ve written a good story, I don’t know who’s the dumb one… They don’t even consult with Masamune for the plot, for sure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, here’s to redhead johannasberg miscarrying her next child, and driven made with grief hugging crying and shaking the little shit’s carcass, screaming that she loves it and wants it to wake up.

    To be robbed of her bloodline’s future: A punishment most fitting for trying to silence the Cultural Voice of the Next Generation of Young Asians. 🙂

  • I was interested in seeing it when I saw first saw the trailer.
    Though they did a pretty nice job creating the look of the GiTS world.
    And then Scarlett Johansson spoke.
    My god, she is terrible at playing calm, collected, low emotion roles.
    Killed any desire I had to see it right there.
    I’ll catch it when its free, but I’m not paying.

  • Anonymous says:

    The studios often send advance copies or hold special private showings for hand picked critics so the first reviews out are positive. Companies hire people or send bot programs to post favorable comments on social media.
    It looks to me like there’s too many people defending this movie.

    Take a minute and read this well written/researched article by Emily Yoshida

    “Ghost in the Shell and anime’s troubled history with representation”

  • Anonymous says:

    I was trying to by this “oh she was Japanese girl before” story plot just for a sake of watching experience but than every non jap character failed bto pronounce her name correctly.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hollywood keeps doing this, making the same mistake every freak’n time, they do it with video games as well. Basically they take a popular franchise and make a movie out of it because it’s popular but instead of actually adapting it into a movie that would appeal to the people who made the franchise popular enough for them to actually want to make a movie of it in the first place they instead either put their own “spin” on the concept or dumb it down in an effort to make it more appealing to a mass audience.

    And that’s where the problem lies, you’re alienating the fan base that made you want to make a movie of this in the first place and somehow expecting it to succeed. Seriously how the hell do you ever think taking something that’s popular to a group of people and changing it to the point that it doesn’t appeal to that group of people is ever gonna make a successful product?

    Take Game of Thrones or the Marvel movies as an example of what I mean. There are a ton of changes there to make them work as TV shows/movies, hell in Marvel’s case a lot of it is even original content but the spirit of what they came from is still there to the point that a GoT or Marvel fan will probably still like it.

    Now on the flip side imagine if they had instead chosen to adapt Game of Thrones into a 2 hour slow-mo filled action movie starring Scarlett Johanson as Dana Tarfire, last daughter of the Tarfire family, chosen by the dragons to save West Kingdom from the evil King Jeffrey and his army of generic expendable evil knight guys. Who would this even be made for and how do you expect it to make money? GoT fans are gonna literally shit on it and non-GoT fans aren’t gonna care about it, especially after they see people dropping turds on it so why even bother?

    And see that is the root of the problem here, you make a movie to appeal to the “mass audience” but the only part of it that will actually care about your generic looking movie are the ones that are also fans of the franchise and they’re probably going into it expecting it to be crap. And once they’ve seen it then word quickly spreads about how bad it is and this greatly reduces the amount of people in the “mass audience” who even care about it.

    So the simple answer here is to just choose things to adapt that are actually adaptable and can reach new people who may not of cared about it when it was a manga, comic, anime, book, video game or whatever without having to butcher what it’s suppose to be in the first place.

    After all you chose to make a movie of it because it was popular correct? If you have to change it to the point that it barely resembles the source then you’d probably be better off just making an original movie inspired by it instead.

  • Anonymous says:

    Live action adaptations of anime and video games are usually pure and utter shit.

    Granted, there are good adaptations, such as the fairly recent Metal Rear Solid movie, but those are so few and far between that they’re the exceptions that prove the rule.

    • It didn’t pacify them about “Doctor Strange”: going with a woman as Ancient One didn’t make them calm down about her not being Asian. Mordo as a black guy didn’t seem to disturb anyone, though.

      By the way, the anti-whitewashing brigade did not seem to turn “Doctor Strange” into a flop. What happened to fanboy power on that one?

  • Anonymous says:

    Fanboys: There’s not enough of them to make the movie to cater to their tastes but they’re somehow powerful enough to make people not want to see this turd. I guess when you do a bad job on something you’ll desperately cling to any excuse.

  • Anonymous says:

    It would never occur to Mr. Davies or his compatriots and coconspirators in Hollywood that audience are getting quite adept at detecting movies that are all shallow visual flash with no substance via modern trailers. Yeah sometimes we go anyway, but something has to hook us. Background visuals that made us think of much much better movies, ie Blade Runner, The Fifth Element and the original animated GITS mixed with short clips of bland souless acting, all of it pushed out through a CGI filter with the knob marked “drab blue” turned up to 11. We’ve learned to recognize this. It triggers an automatic “look moderately ok, not bad, not good or exciting, wait for Netflix”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I saw that quote. Thought it was strange he used the word “fanboys”, almost like he was spitting at people for not liking his AMAZING GREATNESS that is clearly PERFECTION INCARNATE.

  • Anonymous says:

    It was a mistake to invest over $200 million(Which includes the $110 million budget and marketing) on an anime franchise.

    The movie is projected to bring $65 million of loses to the studio. However this could actually be higher.

    You see when you make a film for say $100+ million. You also see a similar advertising budget. Also take into account that studios only get a percentage of ticket sales.

  • Anonymous says:

    “rather than the studio’s inability to make a compelling feature.”

    It’s not even so much this as it is their inability to realize where they’re going wrong. Specifically:

    “So you’re always trying to thread that needle between honoring the source material and make a movie for a mass audience.”

    You simply can’t do both unless the content is by default something that appeals to massive audiences.

    If people don’t like an action genre movie, no amount of pandering to the wider movie going audience is going to put their asses in your movie theater seats.

    What Hollywood does with these kinds of movies is equivalent to an RPG game developer including aspects of every other kind of game in their newest title and then dumbing down the RPG aspects to make it as easy as possible to get into so as to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and then wondering why RPG players didn’t like the result.

  • Anonymous says:

    “So you’re always trying to thread that needle between honoring the source material and make a movie for a mass audience.”

    THAT, is what sunk the movie. Not anything else. You do one, or the other, you CANNOT do both. You either stay true to source and make a genuine tribute with artistic integrity, or you cater to a mass market and let the industry dictate whatever they believe will make the most money. Both does not work, and never has, and it pains me to see how these imbeciles on six figure salaries still haven’t figured that out.

    Blaming the failure of your work on the audience is as low as it gets. Fucking pathetic.

  • Anonymous says:

    They showed us in Edge of Tomorrow that adaptations, while not great, can end up being surprisingly decent. The more reason to not be able to forgive the disaster that was Ghost in the Shell. They insist in giving us the same tired and retarded Hollywood shit instead.

  • Anonymous says:

    Watched it with 4 other colleagues, I was only one who saw original GitS stuff. We all hated it. Person who I thought might like it because it was pandering to general audiences gave it 1/10. This was a man who unironically watched Kevin Spacey as a cat.

    It felt like they changed the plot just so scarjo could fit in this film.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kevin Spacey was a cat? Or your friend was a cat?

      The moment they announced Scarjo it felt like they were trying to ride her success as that Marvel character (forgot the name, fuck Marvel), so it sounds about right if the GITS movie was changed to revolve around her.

      • Anonymous says:

        @09:04 Marvel character is Black Widow. I don’t know how many people feel the same but I always felt that she was a terrible choice for Black Widow as well.

        Imo Marvel tends to put WAY more work into their male casting while it seems like they just draw the names of a bunch of random hot women from a hat to decide who plays what on the female side.

  • >So you’re always trying to thread that needle between honoring the source material and make a movie for a mass audience.

    But then they go ahead and don’t honor the source material, and give the movie to a talentless, passionless director whose only previous film was Snowhite and the Huntsman, and a writer for Transformers. I’m not exactly sure what they expected.

  • Personally I couldn’t care less about whitewashing, the actual problem I had with the movie was all the tucked-in jokes. There’s so many but one of the most memorable ones was the guy laughing while getting kicked.

  • Anonymous says:

    No reasonable person actually cared about the skin color of the actors.

    But, they did care about the fact that Hollywood continuously craps out cheap shallow movies that get blown away in depth by basically any anime.

    Hence, I did not see it and never will. No point.

    • Anonymous says:

      Screw that. Skin color is super important. I’m sick and tired of whitewashing, blackwashing, anything-washing characters. Race is a part of a character’s identity. Don’t change it. There’s never a valid reason to change it, it never helps.

      • Can you name a Japanese actress that can speak English good enough so that an western audience can understand them. People need to quit bitching about race washing because the actors do not speak the language of the target region good enough for them to be understood… I don’t know about any of you, I’m not gonna set through a 2+ hour move and read subtitles. It’s a waste of money. and dub-overs are really shit now-a-days. So everyone that complains about race-washing needs to chill the fuck out and look at the bigger picture.

        • @11:17
          “Can you name a Japanese actress that can speak English good enough so that an western audience can understand them.” Oh, you pulled that card. How about not bothering to have them speak english and just adding subs? The weebs would love it AND you’ll get people watching it for its bold move.

        • bunch of Japanese people live in the US. it is also some in Britain.
          doubt that not a single one of those got looks and the skills of an pro actor and have not learned proper english

      • if race acutally doesn’t play an important role in characters development then why should it matter ?

        And with that whole artificial body concept why is it so hard to process she’s played by white actor.

    • Anonymous says:

      I saw the movie because the theater for Logan for full. It wasn’t bad. I already knew they took out all the philosophical stuff and boiled it down to just an action movie. They mentioned topics about being human if you’re mostly machine and about the soul, then moved on to action. All in all it was what I expected. Getting people interested in the series in the most I can hope for.

      • Anonymous says:

        >boiled it down to just an action movie

        They took a futuristic cyberpunk anime that explores the boundaries of identity, self and human/AI intelligence and debased it to a revenge flick with robots.

        They changed the plot because they believed their audience was too stupid to understand the original story. Is it any surprise the audience returned the same contempt to the movie makers?

        • I disagree. A good story attracts audience. Its the way the story is told.
          Something that would have made plausible reason, something that explained. But you would need fantasy and guts.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is no audience for high concept stuff in todays world. Movies need money, people need to watch the movie to make money, the more people watch the movie there more money they get. To make a movie that more people watch you have to make it more accassible to a wider audiance.

          The general idea is in Hollywood is make a big movie that you don’t actually want to make but need the money from it then make the small one that you really want to make, when you get the money from the previous movie.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Movie has excellent graphics and that’s it.

      It was lacking everything else.

      All the characters roles were skewered and when the only two characters that were barely like the original was Togusa and Araki.

      When Major said to Batou “Are you going to tell the Chief?” I was like whhhhhhhaaaattt? Complete 180 flip on both characters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Goes to show: Flash, talk, and budget do not mean anything. Look at the garbage Hollywood churns out, then look at something like Kemono Friends. 10-person staff, insanely low budget, but ended up being a legend. Why?

      Actual creativity and genuineness.

      Something most Americans do not want turn their brains on for 10 seconds to figure out.

      • Anonymous says:

        jep. i just recently had a disscusion about anime style and figured out why muricans can not do it. they dont even belive there are rules to be followed, they laugh at me when i tryd to tell them manga style has certain guidlines and that there is a “mainstream” which is to be followed whatever you try to acomplish with manga. they just laught, like “nah thats bullshit. im murican, i can do what i want” for this attitude i have the strong belive that muricant wont be able to make real anime even in 20 years. i just wonder why sankaku doesnt ban murican like artworks from the image board

    • Anonymous says:

      “No reasonable person actually cared about the skin color of the actors.”

      Wow, you really think you’re above everyone, Mr. Snowflake.

      It’s not always about color. The whitewashing showed up with Aramaki speaking Japanese, but everyone answering in English. The studio knew they were bias using the name Major, instead of Motoko Kusanagi.
      BTW: Masamune Shirow created her as Japanese.

      If they named the movie Future American Robot Girl no one would have cared who they cast.

      I guess I’m unreasonable…

      • Anonymous says:

        “BTW: Masamune Shirow created her as Japanese.”

        Where the fuck did you get your information? Had you read the original manga, you would know that her shell is a generic, mass-produced model with after market military-grade mods. That allows her to do her job while not standing out. If you had seen the first movie, then you would have seen the villian had the same generic shell, except it was blond.

        • Anonymous says:

          Right, so body is made in Japan, her name is Motoko Kusanagi, and she works for an internal Japanese government agency with high level clearance… You’re right, maybe she’s Finnish? Or Korean?

        • Anonymous says:

          12:39, the generic model doesnt really look japanese but blurs the line between ethnecies (caucasian, african, asian, etc) as much as possible since it’s a jane doe model sold world wide.

        • Anonymous says:

          “BTW: Masamune Shirow created her as Japanese.”

          “”Where the fuck did you get your information?””

          Did you follow the link to the early Shirow illustration of Motoko?
          You have a quick temper mate, you’ll go far.

        • Anonymous says:

          I fail to see any contradiction between the statements of you two. If she lives in Japan & has a body that “is a generic, mass-produced model” then she would look generically Japanese. So what is the inaccuracy you are trying to point out?

        • Anonymous says:

          “If you had seen the first movie, then you would have seen the villian had the same generic shell, except it was blond.”

          If you had understood the first movie, you would know the “blond” was a remote doll. It shouldn’t have had a ghost signature. It wasn’t a “generic shell”.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do, I’m kind tired of this nonsense, there’s plenty of japanese actors that could have filled the role.

      Its like making L black, I’m tired of it, there is no good justification for it.

      • Anonymous says:

        The difference is that Motoko NEVER really looked asian, not even in the first manga.

        L is pale as fuck, it can’t never be black, but Motoko could be anuthing (in fact in most depictions she looks more like a western woman than an asian woman and in the rest she looks like indeterminated).

      • Anonymous says:

        L being black is different. Japanese people are white, and this is an American movie, so I don’t see the problem. Shoehorning in a black dude as L is pandering, though. Johannsen is stupid but at least it wasn’t pandering.

        Not defending the movie, but I’ve not understood the need to cast all these Japanese people in it, and the backlash over the “white-washing”. The skin color of the actors is the least of this movies problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m reasonable and I kinda cared about the skin color because I hate localization changes in general (Motoko -> Mira, WTF? Not the same person anymore). But if the movie was actually good, I probably wouldn’t care.

      If it did bother me enough, I would just not watch it. Personal taste, personal decision. No biggie. I definitely wouldn’t waste time throwing a fit about it and make pointless petitions and shit.

      It’s as you said, skin color is a minor issue compared to how damn shallow and shitty Hollywood has been lately. I guess you could say that people overreacting to something relatively minor like skin color could be because Hollywood can’t even get simple things right anymore.

      • Anonymous says:

        What original are you referring to?

        The Movie was an abomination of an amalgamation of the 1995 one, the 2004 one and the 2nd S.A.C. Series.

        It was also in stark conflict with the Major only being a Cyborg for a year whereas in the Movies she clearly has the personality of someone who has seen some shit for like most of her life and because of this has become the hardened character we know.

        Same for her being called Major – The way the everyone addresses her with a title instead of her name clearly tells you about them respecting her from long service time – Not someone you just got to know for a year – Maybe less if you consider that she might have had half a year of rehab before going into active duty.

        No no… This Movie was bad, really bad.
        So bad I couldn’t even enjoy the okay graphics.

        • Anonymous says:

          And I do agree, why did they choose GitS instead of titles like Armitage III, or Angel Cop, or a ton of other decently nice works with similar theme.

          So they should just calls it Git bluedogShit and calls it a day. Same goes for almost every other live actions.

        • Anonymous says:

          Because unlike trolls with nothing going for their lives, some people have enough passion, spare time, train of thought, etc to profess their passion again.

          Why do people in love write poems or love letters? Sometimes to no one?

          Wish I was passionate enough about GitS to do something similar. Too bad it is just one of Shirow’s nice works, out of plenty other nice works from other talented creators.

          Instead I just tell troll to piss off from making assumptions about weebs, another assumption concerning the visitors to this place.

      • Anonymous says:

        The story was horrible and the acting was stale, if you think the movie is actually good, then you have poor taste in movies it seems.

        Only thing remotely good about the movie was the visuals and the guy who played Batou.

  • Anonymous says:

    Catering to a “mass audience” who for the most part have no idea what a good movie even looks like while trying to take advantage of existing fanbase hype is always a bad idea. Unfortunately Hollywood does this time and time again and the idiots eat it up.

  • Mr. Davies answered his own question, You don’t piss off the built-in fan of any franchise regardless of what the title is. The idea of “So you’re always trying to thread that needle between honoring the source material and make a movie for a mass audience.”, is going to lead to failure if its a superhero, anime based movie or based on a beloved book if you ignore what made the property notable in the first place.

  • Anonymous says:

    The “fanboys” will amount to a minor part of the audience for any movie. Look at how many people watched Batman vs Superman… I can’t think of a movie that was grilled harder by fans… yet surprise it still did really well in box office sales. The reason for this movie being a flop was it lacked a script, which isn’t surprising considering the Director is quoted as saying “The Japanese don’t do really well writing characters”. Yes, with such insight into GITS everyone knew from the get-go that the plot wasn’t going to be great. That said the visuals are stunning and I would say it is worth seeing at least for the animatronics.

  • Anonymous says:

    i love how stupid some people are. The movie was Actually really good and kept quite faithful to the source. Its not as bad as people say and acting was a little stiff but still quite passable.

    It was a nice origin movie for the masses. My friends and i are die hard fans of the anime and movies loved this movie and want a sequel.

    If you think this movie is that bad you clearly dont watch many things at all.

    • Yes, THIS!
      The movie was very good and actually fairly true to the Manga in a lot of aspects, especially a lot of the small details.

      Yes, the did make some changes here and there. So what? GITS has done that in each movie.

      The problem is, so many of the fanboys don’t know shit about the franchise, only having seen ONE of the movies.

      If you really liked all of the GITS stuff, the Manga First Gig, Second Gig, the movies, you’ll like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wasn’t fond of it because of the unnecessary revisions to the major’s backstory and the fact that they basically took the visuals and setting and wedged the Robocop plot into it.

      For what it was, it was a good movie. It had some really good recreations and adaptations of popular classic scenes from the original movie/manga as well. As a contrast to the GitS series and legacy though, it’s sub-par. Pretty, but not the kinda of thought-provoking stuff that made GitS what it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    So its the fault of the Multiculturalism that they keep on trying to destroy through Hollywood refusing to tolerate being slapped in the face that their piece of trash “film” failed?

    jews: Proving Hitler Right since 1945.