Chinese Man “Marries AI Robot Waifu”



A Chinese engineer has recently wed an AI robot that he himself created, naturally garnering a wealth of concerned reactions (as well those who naturally consider this the way of the future) and certainly giving a whole new meaning to being “married to one’s work”.

The 31-year-old AI engineer formerly worked for Chinese multinational telecoms firm Huawei before moving to Hangzhou to design robotic beings, it was there that the lonely man constructed “Yingying”, a robot apparently capable of reading Chinese characters, identifying images and even able to speak simple words.




The man resorted to this matrimonial union of man and machine after his continual pursuits to find a real partner kept ending in failure (as well as due to the constant nagging from his family to find a partner); supposedly the couple “dated” for two months before deciding to get married in front of the Chinese engineer’s family and friends in a traditional ceremony.

Upgrades (such as the ability to walk and perform household chores) are apparently in the works for his bride (what other conjugal duties she can already undertake is thankfully not clear), with the married man’s endeavor to make his wife more life-like bound to be a lifelong one – though this has not been the first time that men have “married” inanimate objects as some otaku have previously wed Nene of Love Plus and Fate Testarossa from Lyrical Nanoha.


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