Ghost in the Shell Movie “Flops Dismally”


Hollywood’s live action Ghost in the Shell movie has apparently flopped as it has only generated about $18 million in box office takings ($40.1 million internationally) during its opening weekend, with the film’s excoriation by anime fans now backed up by regular critics…

Though the film managed to land at #3 at the U.S. box office, its $58.1 million in sales come nowhere near its $110 million production costs (excluding the likely gargantuan marketing budget) – and considering opening weekends are usually when movies make the most money, it is likely only downhill from here.

Despite some immediately claiming the whitewashing controversy to be the major cause of Ghost in the Shell’s downfall, the colossal abundance of negative reviews imply that the film itself might have also played a role as most believed the story failed to properly utilize the complex issues of cyborg identity which characterized the original.

The film’s failure has proved shocking to few as live action adaptations of popular anime tend to commonly share the same fate – the only upside to the disaster perhaps being how fat Masamune Shirow’s wallet must be by now…

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  • Anonymous says:

    YES! Hitting those jews where it hurts, the wallet, is the ONLY way to teach them to NOT insult, degrade and humiliate Asians.

    Makes sense, as the wallet is what they have in place of what Human Beings have for Hearts and Souls, so hurting that is the ONLY way to bitchslap the hollywood hebrews to wake the fuck up and accept the multiracial and multicultural world that the evil monolith of zionism no longer has ANY control over.

  • this was no surprise. it went completely south the minute mamoru oshii tried that PR interview to save the movie but this mess was going to tank and hard. this flop have proven what i have been saying for years. hollywood and adaptations will NEVER EVER MIX!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Something bugged me about how Major saw glitches and was convinced they weren’t real. That’s not the same as the scene they removed/changed, how the garbage man saw a picture that he knew was his daughter but she wasn’t real and he could not see it. These are both very similar concepts but in the glitch you have faith in yourself that what you see is real; and in the photo scene that you need skepticism to see what you think is real as unreal. You need to question everything.

    If you equate those, like “they’re both about faith in yourself” then you missed the fucking point, you are one of the main things that can’t be trusted. If they’d trusted their eyes they never would have found the Section 6 agent who was invisible and came into Secion 9 HQ, right?

  • Anonymous says:

    The failure comes from the assumption that anime in the US is mainstream, it is not. Anime in the US is still just a niche market. Now maybe hollywood will leave anime alone and this should kill any future plans for a live Robotech movie.
    Macross Forever.

  • Anonymous says:

    nah. That movie is great. by far the best live adaptation of an anime. the problem is people will automatically bash any live-action adaptation of an animation because it became “the thing” to do.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know mainstream is shit when even Sankaku got the author’s name right and they couldn’t.

    They kept saying it was Mamoru Ishii and used pictures of the SAC anime saying it was from “the manga”. Modern “journalists” can’t even spent 2 seconds searching basic shit on the internet.

  • Hollywood please, just stop with anime adaptations already and focus on what people reeeeeeeeally want.

    That is, of course, going all out on an “Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In A Van From An Asteroid And All Sorts Of Things The Movie” feature film.
    Sincerely, the people.

    Also, you MUST present the title with capitals in the first letter of every word. It would be an instant flop if you don’t do that, trust me on this one.

    PD: anyone who read this so far, please be so kind as to FWD this to actual Hollywood HQ or smth. Im a lazy bum with no excuse.

  • The only way to westernize Japanese media successfully is to do it on a not-so popular title.

    Not many people know that Edge Of Tomorrow was based on a Japanese novel-turned-manga All You Need Is Kill, so it’s accepted easier, without any “white-washing” criticism.

  • Anonymous says:

    This movie didn’t do well because of the white washing. So many people refused to watch it then many of the anime fans refused to watch it for that same reason and other shit. Its not a incredibly amazing movie but it was good tbh. Most of the negative reviews always bring up political correctness and White washing instead of focusing on the movie and what it does good and bad. Hell some of the critics who reviewed this film gave it a same score as Dragon ball Evolution which is complete bs if you ask me. This movie is so much better than that pile of garbage.

    • Anonymous says:

      and holy shit this bbs system sucks dick by they way


      • Anonymous says:

        that said, I like masamune shirow and GITS, but his storytelling style makes him look like a fat otaku who doesn’t really understand how technology works as well as he thinks he did (which he definitely is)

        if you doubt me, how about the fact that he showed people using payphones in the far future to hack peoples brains? that’s not even cyberpunk that’s fucking stupid. it they are cyborgs they shouldn’t even need a phone.

  • Anonymous says:

    The movie was boring and hard to sit through. The movie was neither smart nor fun. The actors portrayed their roles as faithfully as they could, but it wasn’t enough to elevate this film past “snooze”.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I want to watch Ghost in the Shell, I’ll pop in the movie(s) or Stand Alone Complex. Pretty simple. People who are GitS fans are GitS fans. They care about what they like. The original. Everyone knew Hollywood was gonna crap out a shallow flashy mess. Idk why this movie has even been talked about so much. Why the hell should anyone in their right mind care about a live-action adaptation of something that’s already good? And by shallow Americans nonetheless? Is the fact that money-hungry people are gonna cast actual humans to condense a deep story into a time short enough for people with an American attention span to focus on (maybe) and to fill it with cheap plot and characterization really worthy of all this buzz, be it bad or good?

    Point of the matter. Why the hell are live-action adaptations even discussed? Just ignore it and watch the original like always.

    • Anonymous says:

      To make it less “juvenile” and more “mainstream” as if it is always a good thing.

      BS, knows plenty of fans who are otherwise regular folks living otherwise regular life. Half of my fan mates have served, many in hard units.

      Just found out a former PT instructor for an hard mil unit, who now runs gyms and a MMA school, bench 600lb, are into watching anime & cosplay too. He is still an huge Ahole, who was and kinda still is an Asian gangster.

      Want to know why I was able to lift light cars? If many tiny cute girls in Urusei Yatsura can do it, there should be no excuses.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dare say that if the story were better; and they picked a better (i.e. more talented) actress, all the whitewashing stuff would have fell by the wayside. But to combine the accusation of whitewashing, a shallow story, and a poor headlining actress? Well, the writing was on the wall.
    Then to make matters worse they previewed that 5 minute opening clip which showcased what a dumpster fire this was all going to be.

    On a positive note though, the movie had wonderful visuals.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hahaha just don’t make Hollywood anime live actions anymore. What, the budget to make animated movies go down or something? It’s the year of live action movies now. These guys never learn smfh…

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s way simpler than all that. Anime fans have been scalded with live-action, specially Hollywood adaptations a few times too many. They simply wait for domestic releases (and of course, pirated rips).

  • “People doesn’t want any of that deep, philosophical crap, they are stupid, they watch Transformers for fucks sake. So let’s give them another “transformers” and be done with it”

    That’s what they thought?

    • Anonymous says:

      Literally read what the director himself has said about how he went about adapting this series he has always loved so much for western audiences, it says it all. I cant find the quote right now but he spoke of what made the 1995 film so great and then went on to ironically say that all of that would be too strange for a live action adaptation and for western mass audiences and he decided to take it out. You know, the long, drawn out, emotionally rendering scenes… the ones that make you reflect on what’s happened in the story up to that point and how it as affected the Major’s character and how we see her. He just wanted to take the cool action scenes and remove everything else, really.

      He’s just a fanboy second, business man first… too bad he sucks at being either one. This guy is the only thing worse than another Michael Bay: a wannabe Michael Bay.

      • Anonymous says:

        Meh, The Matrix already did that 15 years ago – They blatantly ripped of many of GitS action scenes, and kept the cyperpunk theme, but went easy on the philosophy stuff… and created some pretty nice movies.

        Thing though, no matter what you do, if you’re a talentless hack, your movie is going to suck.

    • Shittin' Circles Around You Bitches Since 1988 says:

      @Rikuu: “But, but just [b]turn your brain[/b] off bro. Its much easier to enjoy a ‘popcorn’ summer blockbuster that way.”

      – Michael Bay fanboy logic

    • Anonymous says:

      I think what everyone felt was ‘I really want this to be good, but they really will not be brave enough to make Kusanagi as badass as she actually was. And the part most can’t articulate is that she’s badass not because she can kill people, but because of her ability to cope with what it means to the world to be a cyborg and sacrifice your identity for the power to protect identity as a whole.’

      The matrix being based on this got it right, and which is why it was a hit and respected the audience’s intelligence. One of my favorite lines from Men in Black is still 100% true: “A person is smart. ‘People’ are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

      Movies are for individuals, regardless of a theater. So if you respect their intelligence without being heavy-handed, it’ll land well most of the time.

    • You are not going to be able to make a complex story like Ghost in the Shell where non anime viewers can follow the story in a 2 hour period.

      It is NOT going to happen! They were not out to fuck people they had to make the story something the masses would be able to follow. The anime was not 4-5 episodes for 2 hours or there would have been no story!

      People need to quit expecting so much from a Live Action. It is this reason that all anime and live action films will stop when they lose such money.

      They took a huge gamble and than everyone gave it such negative reviews that even those that have no idea what GHOST IN THE SHELL is would not watch it!

  • The movie was actually pretty good and way better than expected. A shame to see it flop so badly because I genuinely wanted a sequel.

    It’s obvious that they put a lot of effort into this movie because the characters, action and visuals were all so on point I don’t think we’ll ever see another anime adaptation come to this level. Even fucking ScarJo with her awful acting skills was doing a great job playing the Major. And the guys that played Batou and Aramaki, they did their research too. They behaved and acted like taken straight from the anime.

    Now the problem with this movie was that it got too streamlined for the masses. The plot was a typical superhero origin story and the writing was like it was aimed at 10 years old children instead of a more older audience because they didn’t trust their audience. The director seems to have been too concerned with people not understanding what was going on.

    The next big budget anime adaptation will be Battle Angel Alita. This one is being backed by James Cameron and it already started filming, so I hope it doesn’t flop too because I want to see more big budget anime adaptations instead of the poverty adaptations from Japan with bad acting and outfits that look like randos cosplaying. Japan simply cannot compete with Hollywood.

    • Anonymous says:

      >Even fucking ScarJo with her awful acting skills was doing a great job playing the Major

      Makes me wonder whether we were even watching the same movie.

      Plus, they made the live-action a revenge movie and took out everything else. GITS a revenge movie, FFS.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you say it was even pretty good when in the next paragraph you say how the story basically treated its viewers like idiots? Also, lol, Battle Angel is never gonna get off the ground. Even Avatar 2 seems far from seeing any light (thankfully).

    • Anonymous says:

      Alita will probably work, both Cameron and Rodriguez are hardcore fans and will probably try to keep it as close to source as possible (remember Sin City?), so unless major insanity, it will be good.

    • I’m going to agree 100% with this guy. Did any of the other people commenting here watch the movie, or even watch all of Ghost in the shell franchise? The Ghost in the Shell live action was way better than Dragon Ball evolution. At least a descent amount of respect was shown to the source material. The main downer about this movie though was like what above was said, made way to stream lined. They took a bunch of different stories from Stand Alone complex, the movie, some bits and pieces from Arise meshed it together and then watered it down to make it easier to follow for a wider audience. If the director and screenwriter had just stuck with one story, and maybe not simplify it to the most common denominator, the movie would have succeeded. I do forgive the director and understanding the need to simplify a live action version for a wider audience to fit in a 2 hour slot. Though the original anime movie did just fine.

      But I admit it was damn complicated. i think if the corporate evil theme was cut out and the usage of themes from the first movie was used, only cutting out maybe like half of the complex philosophy of what constitutes of a human instead of 3/4ths the philosophy of the plot then it would have satisfied both camps, the hardcore fans and the general audience.

      The movie wasn’t a mess but I feel like the director was gambling way too much for a sequel to be made because this movie felt like a character introduction and more like a prep for sequel where it really gets into the gritty story. Sadly there was no foresight that leaving stuff out and hoping for a sequel would be a good idea. Never gamble for sequels and always go all out and try to gamble with using the complex story.

      Also for people saying that the movie was white washed, that shows just how little you have an understanding of the world of Ghost in the Shell and it’s philosophy. The race of the fully android characters would have meant very little to me as long as the story was done right. This fell short. I won’t be a total fanboy over Ghost in the Shell Live action but I’m giving this movie a 6.7/10 I’d even go 7/10. Because the visuals were spot on and some faith was given to the works. But the director was too weak willed to make the a complex philosophical and psychological movie. Again probably because of the misconception from westerners that the majority of people who watch “cartoons” are young people.

    • I agree with your comments. But as they did care and tried to make it work the Anime Viewers should support it and watch it so that we will see more.

      They will learn but not if the chance never comes. If a movie succeeds next time they will take more of a gamble and may make a it a bit more complex in the story.

      But again not if it fails. It will take practice to get the right balance but the way everyone criticizes all these releases so that NO ONE not even those that have no CLUE what the show is about will not watch it.

      We will not see this day! Even though I hear it is overly simplified I still plan to go see it when I get paid to support the work. Don’t support these works they will stop completely! There will be no more movies like these at all!

      Star Wars was one of the biggest gambles and if it had not paid off do you think we would of seen more gambles? No the studio would of failed and Hollywood would have remained with the tried shows only.. the bland same stories over and over!

    • Anonymous says:

      My thoughts exactly. I really enjoyed the movie. I am Asian. Didn’t bother me that her android self was white. Great visuals. Good representation of the source material. Not as good as the anime as a whole but still a good Hollywood movie in my mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      “instead of the poverty adaptations from Japan with bad acting and outfits that look like randos cosplaying. Japan simply cannot compete with Hollywood”

      The same can be said for hollywood , example is right here gits!

      • Anonymous says:

        Edge of Tomorrow barely broke even for the studio. You have to consider that with marketing and everything else, you need to make at least double your production budget to break even.

        For example a movie with a budget of $150 million can lose a studio a lot of money if it only grosses $250 million. This is because studios only get a percentage of ticket sales, and marketing costs are always so huge.

        • Anonymous says:

          For people discussing the earnings etc… look up “Hollywood accounting” before going to bananas with the numbers.

          Pretty much every single movie officially “barely breaks even” or “loses money”.

        • Anonymous says:

          I dont care how much money it made. Some of the greatest films were flops. Edge of Tomorrow did the whole americanization/whitewashing thing too, but at least it mostly kept faithful to the spirit of what it was adapting, resulting in well earned critical acclaim while being entertaining at the same time. Honestly, even for anyone who didnt like it you have to admit it was the best or maybe even only good western adaptation of a Manga/Anime so far.

        • Shittin' Circles Around You Bitches Since 1988 says:

          Critical acclaim =/= box office success. Also, the source material (manga or light novel) was not a well-known nor very successful in terms of sales either. But it served as a good blueprint to adapting from one medium to another.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve not watched it before, so I’ll have to take your word on it. But these days production & marketing budgets for movies are ridiculously huge.

          For example Alice Through The Looking Glass

          Budget: $170 million
          Gross: $299.5 million

          Disney lost $65 million from the movie.

    • SomeDuder says:

      I’m sure that cartoons can be adapted for real-life actors.

      The question is, why would you? The only reason I can think of is money. The dumb, popcorn-eating masses don’t go to the theater to watch a cartoon. They go to watch White House Down. Transformers (Micheal Bay’s version). Zoolander 2 (Not the first, obviously, since that one was fantastic). SNIPER MAN. ARE HEROS VS BROWN BEARDS 2 – ALLAH BOOGALOO. Et cetera.

      GitS is a story about humanity. It’s got action, but not pointless action. It’s got nudity, but it’s presented in a non-sexual way (Well, as long as we’re not talking about the comic…).

      Billy Bob doesn’t want to think after a hard day of punching his wife and slacking on his job. He wants to watch a bare midriff Megan Fox deliver lines in a dry way.

      So if you want to draw the crowds, you cast Johansson, feature a terrible plot and call it a day.

      • Anonymous says:

        It felt hollow and like nobody cared. The art directors obviously had a passion for the project, but I felt like they put effort into a cheap cash-in that didn’t care about the original themes or arcs. You don’t need to copy the source material to be faithful, it’s like they missed the point of the whole series.

        • Not so much not caring about the original themes more like half-caring but not having the balls to go head deep. Also they adapted and mixed way too many different stories together from the GiTs franchise. Arise, Stand Alone Project and then the original anime film. Yup….they tried to respect the filim with eye candy and visual accuracy but just had no balls for the mental game, thinking that the majority of viewers might be the general public and too stupid to care about complex ordeas. Then again Hollywood is all very liberal. And you now how liberals don’t care about facts or complex ideas (unless it’s made up bullshit to defame something they don’t like).

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually the art was WORSE than the actors. I kinda liked Batou, honestly, even if he perhaps was more different than the actual GITS guy: he tried to act, something which Johansson didn’t bother to do (or maybe her script was “look puzzled”, I don’t know who is at fault here). At least he seemed to have emotions. Generic videogame random friendly guy emotions, but emotions.
          I mean, fucking Kitano seemed to have been stoned to death here. Kitano, forchrissake. That’s an achievement, seriously. But Batou was perhaps relatively believable, and the french doctor was given something to work on as well.

          But the art… the art was honestly more than bad. I was embarassed seeing that, having gone to the theater to see what amounted to the artistical vision of a bad fanmovie about Blade Runner. Not GITS, mind you, but specifically BR, a 35 old movie. Yeah, there are the parts in which they sheepishly copy GITS 95*, but the movie itself is a less hazy/rainy Blade Runner. The city is ONE THING. Hyper-cheery holographic billboards and crazy neon seedy shops/bars in the same color palette. Aside from the action which isn’t even using them (the action isn’t only boring, it’s not even large-scale), they almost always use dark abandoned industrial hallways, and some “I’m a rich corporation with too much money” 90’s offices with a side of bad taste.
          There is NOTHING ELSE. This isn’t passion: it’s literally taking the most “iconic” thing, cyberpunk cliché locations 101, and repeat it ad nauseam. I don’t think I saw a movie with so little creativity in imagining the future in years. It was ghastly. Hell, the apartment of Motoko’s mother in the end is probably the BEST location, honest. At least it makes the world seem populated by humans for a minute.

          They say the script/story is the worst part and I agree, but the art department was unredeamable as well.
          (aside from the costumes. They weren’t GOOD by any means but the very small things they actually got when not creating Generic Bad Mook Number 103 or sheepishly copying a movie that the moviemakers weren’t for the most part giving a fuck about… they were kinda working. The prostitute and the butchers’ look were almost intriguing, at this point maybe they should’ve worked more with the main guys to give them some personality)

          *=movie is so bad that I dont’ think the most rabid SJW would bitch at the racelift after seeing it, nor the most rabid fanboy would bitch at the fact that the Jem movie was more faithful to the source material, but it’s worth pointing out that they took only the 1995 movie. There is not an inch of the manga (which was expected, to be sure) but there is no indication they saw SAC or Innocence.
          Jesus Christ, at least Michael Bay’s team probably DID watch the whole Transformers’ series.

      • Anonymous says:

        But according to your views then this movie should have been a super hit… I think there are far less billy bobs out there these days than you think. In fact arent the billy bobs those guys who dont even watch movies anymore because they think they’re jewish mind control or something? They’re just gonna watch Duck Dynasty all day instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kenshin live action was just lucky because the movie is actually pretty bad, they tried to fit too much story in less than 2 hours of movie. The result was a very rushed script with a lot of nonsense in it.

    • Shittin' Circles Around You Bitches Since 1988 says:

      The world of Dragonball just doesn’t translate well to the silver screen regardless of what ethnicity actors are cast. Some things don’t make good live action, and you know what – that’s just fine.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kenshin was with casting Japanese actors for Japanese characters; for AOT it was casting Japanese as Western characters, which is as bad as casting Western actors as Dragonball characters.

        • Anonymous says:

          The fuck they didn’t. It was pretty damn true to the source material. They changed a few things up for this version, but it ultimately didn’t really matter in the end. Motoko is still Motoko, albeit having gone through some weird memory erasure/brainwashing subplot this time around.

          She’s always had a generic caucasian body. She never looked asian. She might have originally been, but she long discarded her actual looks when she went full prosthetic in her younger years in the original storyline.

        • Anonymous says:

          To be honest, I had nothing wrong with the concept behind the live adaptation of GitS, but when I heard ScarJo will play Motoko I instantly dropped interest in it. Couldn’t care less about race or anything, but ScarJo was definitely miscast for the role.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think the whole problem is Hollywood (and seemingly game localization teams) tend to be arrogant, and don’t respect or understand the source material. They seem to be filled with people who think they can do better, so they change shit. Or they just don’t care to begin with.

        • Anonymous says:

          Now I wonder, so the whole problem is in the race of the casting? Cause in this movie, Motoko is clearly Japanese when she appears, and while others like Aramaki, Togusa, I think Saito too were clearly japanese, well, I guess Batou, light black guy who I think may have been Ishikawa, and girl who I have no idea who she was, who should have been japanese like the original are the ones that fucked everything up I guess…

          It couldn’t be Scarlet Johannson, since she was just a robotic body made by a female scientist who made her like a daughter, who never appears in the original, who is called Mila whatever for all the movie until she finds out her brain is from a japanese girl named Motoko and Hanka industries failed to give her a body that properly identifies how she should auto-identify.

  • DieHardjagged says:

    I think the main problem is.. the Movie TRIES really FUCKING HARD to combine EVERY source of Ghost in the Shell, to combine it into one Movie.. and it just doesnt work that way.. unless the Movie copied the Manga 1:1 which i just dont know.
    The thing is.. from what i saw they just mashed together the Stories of the First Anime Movie, then some plot from the Animated Series by adding its “Villain” into its Story while also referencing the Puppetmaster, sigh, i could go fucking on forever mentioning what they mashed together, but i just dont have the time to do this.

    Shortly said, its a fucking Mess, it may look really fucking pretty, but theres no Soul inside it..

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think it would have mattered if the lead was Asian or not. When you throw $110 million + at least 70-80+ million marketing at an anime franchise. You’re going to have a bad time.

    Realistically you need to think a lot smaller. Probably $40-60 mill budget. Ghost in the Shell just doesn’t have the pulling power to attract a mainstream audience for a live action movie.

      • Anonymous says:

        That would be down to the hugely inflated wages some of these stars command. And lots of somewhat pointless VFX. Some movies put some much VFX into their scenes, almost like they’re trying to make up for a poor plot by giving people pretty things to look at.

  • Anonymous says:

    The actors are the least of their worries. The script is just too Hollywood for GitS. They just couldn’t possibly remake any Japanese film without losing most of a source materials meaning.

  • Anonymous says:

    It was a good movie. I saw it in IMAX 3D and it was visually amazing. Action and acting was very good. Story and plot was still gripping enough. Sound track was amazing. Visuals and costumes were top notch. Robotic parts were cool. All in all was a great movie. I am asian and honestly who cares who plays the roles. As long as it is entertaining it’s good enough. Everyone criticizes too much. It was a good representation of it’s source material. Not as good as the anime of course. But all anime to live actions movies suck whether it be asian or white. We just need to separate the Anime movie from the Live action as a whole. YOU CAN’T MAKE A LIVE ACTION ANIME GOOD. Ones with super powers or diverse characters at least.

  • Anonymous says:

    Moral of the story is not about how faithful an adaptation should be, but just telling a good story faithful or not. The Shining was far from faithful to the book, but managed to be a huge hit.

    One big difference is you aren’t taking a written medium in the visual realm, you are taking one visual and changing it into another visual, from animation to live action and some things don’t transfer.

  • This is usually what happens when you take a lot of money to make a movie you think is a joke in the first place. Tears would have been shed if there wasn’t tons of funny stuff like the guy laughing while getting kicked, horrible delay when the guy aims his pistol and doesn’t shoot, unnecessary and forced stuff… I was going to say etc, but that would have sound a little careless. To say it in other words, tears would have been shed if they had took the movie, a little more seriously. They didn’t, it was a joke, the guy even laughs when he gets kicked, like seriously?

  • Was waiting for this topic.

    The movie was awesome. It’s the original 1995, with origin stuff thrown in. Just because it didn’t do great at the box office doesn’t mean the movie sucked. I mean, Meet the Parents and the Ghostbusters parody made a LOT of money, but were crap. They got/are getting sequels but shouldn’t.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s all about dat SJW propaganda.
    People who didn’t even watch the movie hardly have a reason to complain about the script. It’s a cintradiction in itself. Ergo, it’s the SJW band/hatewagon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope my ass. No SJW here, just “weeboo” or “racists” or what have you.

      STFU, the trailer pissed off the fans among my mates. The kind of fans who have supported Shirow with all his previous works, as well as his more erotic works.

      Who the fuck are you to come to this “weeboo” place and calls it all SJW properganda, fuck off Git bluedogShit viral marketing team, your crap can be smelt a mile away, because that is what you fucks always do to promote your shit. You fucks have a certain SOP that you operate by, and it is all the same in the way you cunts operate.

      And in a few weeks, you lot will move on to the next project, and shows up at the next place you want to run your marketing, to promote your next crap.

      Already have heard you fucking lot saying it is not the live action, but the original source. Always deflects and slenders the critics.

      Fuck you cunts. It is telling with all the early reviews, all fucking carbon copies of each other, claiming to be a fan of anime and manga, but never have any other anime or manga review.

      I resided in some of the cities of those reviewers, about half of their mainstream don’t even know what anime is, and you are telling me they somehow suddenly found and knows what the original source and anime are like?

      And Shirow got paid peanut for this, and did not have control over this. Just looking at his social media is very telling. Now I got other animes to catch up on.

  • Anonymous says:

    I went and saw this movie and it was pretty decent it is far from the shit ppl are placing it as granted I have mixed feelings on the whole racist “whitewashing” agenda bs but w/e its still one of the best live action anime “adaptations” to date but thats not saying much I suppose

    either way I liked it but it suffered in some areas

  • Anonymous says:

    People hated GitS the ‘Merican movie before it released because it didn’t cast Asians. The end result would have been the same dumbed down version of a pretentious overblow classic even with a full Asian cast, but the slathering fanboys would have declared it the second coming of -insert anime god here-. Back in the real world, most of the GitS manga and anime isn’t very good. The franchise peaked at SAC (NOT 2nd Gig) and plummeted pack into mediocrity from there.