Elven Blade Immensely H “It’s Always Elves”




Elithheart has added to the ever growing range of side-scrolling ero-action games with “Elven Blade“, a title where all sorts of monsters are out to ravage the main heroine as she attempts to free the world of their lustful existence.

The story concerns a mysterious demonic castle that appeared and started unleashing demons and monsters to kill the nearby human race, causing the humans to request aid from the elves and subjecting the main elf heroine to the horrors of war.





























Elf-loving otaku can watch the heroine of Elven Blade be sexually abused now.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Can we… Like, uh… not have elves getting raped? For variety’s sake. Is that too much to ask?

    When one sees an elf on the cover of any hentai, we all immediately know it is not going to be non consensual.

    I mean, really now, who does not associate with elves=rape in hentai? It is pretty much a given that there is going to be rape when it comes to elves in hentai.

    • Anonymous says:

      Short answer = Deedlit. I’m old enough that elves in anime will always mean Parn and Deedlit and their adorable relationship.

      After that though, the elves being raped by orcs are byproduct of ‘the perfect being soiled by the imperfect.’ It’s just a metaphor played out in a fantasy basically. Just like a dragon hoarding treasure and kidnapping virgins was a metaphor for greed played out in fantasy.

      The elf in modern parlance is equated to ‘humanity in perfection.’ All of our strengths, none of our weaknesses. So it’s just people letting that dark side out to conquer that which they believe they’ll never become.

      In the end really, it becomes a playground for the mind if you consciously understand this and let your mind dip into that darkness. The difference between someone weak to it and someone who wades into the pool of their own darkness is whether they’re conscious of it enough to prevent it from controlling them.

      So just shake your head at the ‘yet another elf’ and either masturbate fully conscious of the ridiculousness, or bypass it and realize your darkness manifests somewhere else.

      • Anonymous says:

        When I think Deedlit, I think extremely short cockteasing skirt, being abducted, put in a super tiny transparent dress and chained to a table. So, um, Record of Lodoss War started all the elf rape.

        • Anonymous says:

          That is true, she was hot in a more traditional way of sorts. Implied sexualization back then made me want her saved even more so she and Parn can be happy together. Nowadays they’d add those little flushes and shines to her thighs and make her flushed in her face, shivering, and all those little tropes to just turn on our inner masculine predator.

          That stuff is fun in hentai, it just lets you settle in for the boner, but in a more serious story it affects you.

          For example I still don’t get all the SAO hate, and people saying the implied rape ruined stuff. No it didn’t, it made you uncomfortable. It’s SUPPOSED to. And it wasn’t out of nowhere, the character expressed his desires many times, it was totally a coalescence of the prepared plot points. I liked Asuna and was rooting for characters, and they didn’t sexualize the scene like a hentai, they focused on the right elements.

          Fantasy driving a boner and fantasy driving discomfort have only a slight difference in presentation which is why it’s such a dangerous tool to use, but when used well, is very powerful and polarizing.

    • Anonymous says:

      because elves are a sub-human race. Seriously, are you one of those SJW cucks who thinks these are fantastical creatures who should be superior to humans, like Tolkien?

      No. Japan has always had it right. The world is rape or be raped, and elves are soft, pink and tight.