Ovarian Eggs For Cash “$40,000 for 20”


Cash strapped Chinese are apparently no longer limited to just hawking a kidney or two to afford the latest iPhone, as it transpires women can now sell their ovarian eggs for as much as 250,000 yuan for 20, and with far fewer consequences given fertile women have hundreds of thousands of them to spare.

An investigative report shown on Chinese TV had a reporter from Shanghai posed as an egg donor to arrange a meeting with a black market broker, revealing the interview process and later finding out that donors could negotiate high offers for their eggs by flaunting their appearance and education.

Most donors were discovered to be in their twenties whilst the intended recipients of the eggs were supposedly women in their forties with ovaries as shriveled as their skin, with the surgeons involved apparently all being from “top tier” hospitals – though the egg-extraction was conducted in an office building rather than a clinic.

Naturally the broker claimed the procedure was quick and safe, but medical experts have claimed that extracting eggs from those in unregulated conditions can place them at risk of a life-threatening condition known as ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome – not that this looks likely to compete with the day-to-day risks of living in mainland China.

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