8-Bit Bayonetta Game “Has A Hidden Announcement”



An 8-bit Bayonetta game has graced Steam in honor of April Fools’, which devoted fans have quickly realized is the same retro mini-game that Platinum Games links to on their 404 page, but this time hiding a secret countdown page that theorists are surmising might be the announcement of Bayonetta on PC.

The hidden page was discovered after putting together the thumbnail images contained in two of the game’s Steam achievements, creating a link that led to this hidden countdown page and leaving many to speculate that the impending announcement may reveal a PC release for the beloved Bayonetta games.

A brief PV of the simplistic game:

Naturally, no other information is currently known, but the news is slated to arrive in about 9 days; the 8-bit Bayonetta title can be played now.

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