Youjo Senki Finale: “The War Goes On”




While the Youjo Senki anime may have concluded, its war has not, naturally troubling the conflicted main heroine as the higher-ups around her all celebrate like fools – though most viewers are more concerned with whether or not the series will get a 2nd season any time soon…










































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    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a good analogy here, though. The shepherd does not keep the herd of sheep for the benefit of the sheep — the sheep will be sheared, milked, and in the fullness of time, slaughtered for their meat.

      Tanya’s just this worlds’ Ginsu grinder — she slices, she dices, she makes puree fries!

  • Anonymous says:

    Whatever you think about Tanya’s character development, the author of this story has a pretty good grasp of world war politics and strategies. Very interesting how the Empire could be celebrating victory at the very moment it turns out they are the most vulnerable.

    As for Tanya she’s losing it. Clearly Being X is playing the long game with her and she realizes it now more than ever, becoming more desperate and seemingly unhinged at every turn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, the only problem is the char design of Tanya, so she have the aspect of Balalaika from black lagoon or at least the aspect of Koko Hetmatyar, be perfect, but obvius the “hobbit” design be a clickbait for certain “public”.

    • Anonymous says:

      more like w├╝stenfuchs (desert fox) rommel.

      Rommel was bound up in africa while the european theater became ever more chaotic, the front caved in and hitler wasted ever more troops on worthless goals while rommel fought valantly enough to be an honored oponent, even going to great lengths treating prisoners of war humanely as I heard it.

      He was ordered to commit suicide complete with promotion, but refused.

      I think his family was held somewhat hostage, but I’m not sure about that one. Compared to some of the leaders back home, Rommel was rightous.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like the guy below said, I don’t even think she’s evil, which sucks because that was my reason for picking the show up in the first place. She indirectly kills two of her men by sending them somewhere where they’d be easy targets, but other than that, she doesn’t really do anything sinister. She’s apathetic at worst. That first episode was great, then it just kind of fell flat over time

      • Anonymous says:

        She was also going to bayonet (IIRC) that one guy when she was at that academy/training place, too.

        Tanya doesn’t seem evil to we viewers because we’re aware of what her inner motivations are, especially that she’s not exactly a little girl. The other characters, however, have no such knowledge, which is why *to them* she seems evil, precisely because to them she IS a little girl.

    • Anonymous says:

      I still think she’s not evil. Just because her target moniker is devil of the rhine doesn’t mean she’s evil, she’s just fighting with asymetric escalation tactics to shut down the enemies with as low an effort as possible.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bleh… after all that foreshadowing, the other charged by god didn’t even last a whole episode. Oh, spoilers! One character is good for a show apparently, everyone else is a tool to make that character superior and more develeoped.

    2/10 loli hype is as flat as its character.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure they’re charged. The actions of tanja do affect others and those chosing to oposie her will merely have reinforcement applied to their psyche, maybe offering increased spellpower and aggression or something.

      • Anonymous says:

        The fact that you clearly don’t have a specified answer is why this fairs poorly. Fact is, you can change the protagonist’s backstory and it will still be the same.

        They successfully wasted three episodes and that unnecessary recap episode was the final nail on the coffin. It was mainly just clips of previous episodes and hardly anything new. It could’ve been used to flesh out characters more to give them more impact when something happens to them and we get to see more of tanya outside the fray.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your point? Once you’re in the project, you’re IN it. There’s no pity here, why should there? Everyone else is putting in the effort and you get away scotfree? Everyone got disappointed with studio trigger, should we forgive them for that reason too? It’s their right to be happy sometimes, no?

          Shame those kids that work in sweatshops only has to work for them to literally have something to eat. The level of working condition is far more severe in an anime studio that’s for sure.

          Seriously, do you have anything else?

        • Anonymous says:

          Just so you have any idea, unless you work or serve in certain selected fields, or unless you work several jobs, you will never work a harder day than them ever, for months on end with crap pay, and we are not even talking about all the subcontract art houses yet.

        • Anonymous says:

          >> that unnecessary recap episode was the final nail on the coffin

          You do realize recap episodes are clip shows for a reason? It means the production crew is behind schedule or needs a break- producing a broadcast product with almost zero effort.

        • Anonymous says:

          They’re cutting corners alright, but you have to recognize senki is something that doesn’t cater to the hordes of slice of shite / moe otakus. Or the other replaceable dreck airing each season.

          Of course they play it safe reducing cost wherever possible; that’s probably why the frenchies are looking so wooden after charle’s speech, too.
          We’ll have to see how the BDs fare, but I’m not having high hopes this will get a 2nd season.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pfft.. entitled prick he said.. you did notice the gaps and the glaring flaws in this series, yeah?

          The reason why the recap was just awful is that the episodes it was derived from was dismissable. Hell, the premise itself was dismissable and it is in their own damn fault.

          The story is about how a japanese salary MAN reborn as a woman is now forced to faith by use of the artifact yet what they did didn’t even showed he WAS previously a guy nor how he becomes “mentally corrupted” by the use of the artifact despite the constant use on the field. That did not make sense.

          Elinium type 95 corrupts him whenever he saves someone and that training a new wing episode is such a quick job that it leaped over something so critical.

          That dude that only lasted half an episode in a one on one fight had more to his story than the rest of the character roster, even the protagonist, as these “overworked poor artists” just focused on how he is evil and all that jazz.

        • Anonymous says:

          I still rather believe the sponsors didn’t want to sink more money on tanya because the show is not a genre that’s “in” right now.

          I hope with overlord, Geass III and any other good stuff coming up there’s some more mix up.
          But, as the recurring nightmare of season start shows again and again, the brainless masses do like their “ordinary day to day life” – obviously because they locked themself up in a roach infested trash dump.

        • Anonymous says:

          SRSLY, do you know anyone personally in this industry? And how much time and effort it takes for even the most talented individuals, or the most professional and dedicated teams?

          They can finish a well drawn piece in minutes, yet they still get overworked and underpaid just so you can have it hot off the press. So don’t be an entitled prick.

        • Anonymous says:

          but SRSLY – if you ‘need a break’ when you’re only making TWELVE episodes in the first place, or like some lazy shit hows now, only TEN.. you’re really fucking terrible at it.

          I still remember when a full 26-episode season was normal, and most shows ran 2 or 3 seasons.