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Pornhub “Will Donate For Panda Sex Videos!”


Western porno powerhouse Pornhub have announced that they will donate $100 toward Panda conservation for each video submitted featuring panda outfits (and thankfully not actual pandas), seemingly contributing toward a meaningful cause but bound to cause the scourge of kigurumi to become a more mainstream fetish in the west.

Pornhub stated that their intent behind the project is to provide researchers with some easily accessible panda porn, which is frequently used to convince the sexually inactive pandas to reproduce and help save their wretchedly ineffectual species – even though some of the videos already submitted involve sexual acts that pandas don’t – or are simply unable to – do.

Pornhub’s video describing the event:

Many are questioning why the researchers would need such videos when they have clearly already been providing the pandas with such content for years, causing some to immediately assume Pornhub to be “pandering” to environmentalists…


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