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New Kemono Friends Project Announced


Those saddened by the conclusion to the Kemono Friends anime may be excited to know that yet more Kemono Friends content is on the way, hopefully introducing a plethora of cute new animal friends for artists to make jaw-dropping illustrations of.

After the anime’s final broadcast had aired, the anime’s staff revealed that a new video project has been green-lit, though what exactly this new project will be has not been clarified – however, a design for a cute new animal girl and the franchise’s logo were released:



Originally a game for smartphones, Kemono Friends officially ended service on December 14th; Nexon have also stated that they do not intend to bring the game back despite how hugely popular the anime has become.

Concept designer Mine Yoshizaki previously announced back in February that future projects were already planned for Kemono Friends after the anime’s completion, including “original content” for TV Tokyo’s AniTele app which will launch on April 1st.

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