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Developer Dingo Files For Bankruptcy


Game development studio Dingo (responsible for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Photo Kano, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva and more) have filed for bankruptcy, a turn of events that will no doubt upset their hordes of fans despite them mostly only producing games from existing franchises.

The sudden inaccessibility of the developer’s website led one devoted fan to their offices, only to find a letter stating that they have ceased all business on March 21st and are planning to file for bankruptcy, which has since been confirmed by major Japanese news sources.

Before this confirmation, a supposed former employee revealed in a 2ch thread for Laguna Strike Angels (a game developed by Dingo) that the company’s debt was well over ¥300 million and that some employees had even been stiffed on their wages, blaming the mass failure of their “Reco Love” series as the major blow to the company’s financial state.

Those worried about what will happen to the Reco Love and Photo Kano series have been reassured by publisher Kadokawa Games, who have stated that they are currently in possession of this IP and will likely continue to produce future games and content for them.

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