Yorha No. 2 Type B Cosplay “She’s The New Rem”

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-1

Nier: Automata’s beautiful Yorha No. 2 Type B has continued to receive endless praise by all due to her supreme sexiness, causing the emergence of yet another cosplay which has thankfully not been so remiss as to forget showing off the woman’s shapely bottom.

The desirable cosplay:

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-1

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-2

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-3

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-4

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-5

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-6

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-7

Deadly-YorhaNo 2TypeB-Cosplay-Outdoors-8

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