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13,000 Petition Netflix on Death Note “Whitewashing”


The debut of a trailer for the Netflix live action “interpretation” of Death Note soon brought about the emergence of a petition demanding Netflix replace its “whitewashed” cast with Japanese actors, naturally causing a clamor not dissimilar to the ruckus caused by the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film.

Some of the more “special” comments made by signers of the pointless petition:

“it goes against Death Notes culture.”

“This manga and anime was and still is a piece of art. If you want to copy it, at least make it good. Or respect the original work! Don”t try to copy it!”

“It’s just racist”

“You can’t destroy something as perfect as this anime”

“The whitewashing in hollywood needs to be put an end to.”

“no more white-washing. Asians should be played by Asians, latinos by latinos and so on.”

“I don’t think the adaptation will be a good translation from the media. The story is not going to have as much impact as if it had the original intender characteristics from the cast”

“Asians need to be REPRESENTED in the movie industry!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Stop second hand racism.”

“There needs to be diversity and representation for people of color in Hollywood. Adding ONE person of color in a mostly white cast isn’t progressive.”

“The show should be watched the way it is intended to be with Japanese women that makes it more realistic and worth watching to the anime watchers”

“There are many excellent asian actors…employ them!”


“for the integrity and honoring of one of the greatest shows ive seen”

“Because the point of creating a live action piece of an anime is to spread awareness about something great that came from another culture. If you take away what makes it special, what’s the point in making it?”

“stop whitewashing any of your shows. i’m sick and tired of the supposed need of anglos to change the race of people when telling a story based on another races histiory. stop white washing programs.”

“Whitewashing, particularly of asian roles and films, has become rampant. I’m tired of it. It’s blatantly racist.”

“His damn name is Kira… yah. Clearly japaneae.”

“Not actually in favor of this but wanted to point out there is already a live action adaptation of Death Note with Asian actors. Oh, and the manga and anime. You guys are so obsessed with race it’s quite alarming. I would suggest examining your own biases and prejudices before demanding others change their creative vision just to make you happy. I watched the anime and I watched the movies. If this is any good, I’m sure I’ll watch it too. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. You have more than one option. Peace be with you all and may the light of enlightenment shine on your faces.”

As with numerous internet petitions in the past, the astounding achievement will likely accomplish nothing; the Death Note film will hit Netflix on August 25th.

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