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Caretaker Poisons Kindergarten Over Pay


Chinese police have arrested an enraged caretaker who resorted to poisoning a kindergarten full of kids after she was denied a pay raise.

The female caretaker was tasked with cleaning the Dongguan school as well as serving the children their food, giving her the perfect opportunity to heinously mix in some schizophrenia medication as a means of “exacting revenge” on someone – who exactly is not clear, as it seems staff at the school were quite unaffected.

Ten children were immediately rushed to hospital by their parents on the day of the incident after showing signs of dizziness at home; none were harmed and all have since been discharged.


Surveillance cameras were able to capture the caretaker applying the curious choice of drugs to school meals, with investigations of the woman’s house revealing her to be in possession of the very same lethal concoction (clozapine) snuck into the meals.

Upon questioning, the woman stated that her request for a pay-raise was denied by the school, prompting her to “exact revenge” by attempting to murder the children – the woman confessed to her crimes and it was also revealed that she was using the clozapine for her own medical condition, naturally making some wonder how such a person was hired to take care of vulnerable children…

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