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Anime Japan 2017 Full of Good News




The advent of Anime Japan 2017 has greeted attendees with an overwhelming abundance of PVs and announcements for upcoming shows, bound to induce excitement amongst otaku as they attempt to pick out the shows that they believe will be worth watching.

The plethora of PVs that were revealed during the event:

The release date for the new Madoka smartphone game was also unveiled to be May, a previous PV can be viewed at DailyMotion (as the YouTube version is unfortunately not available to those in the west).

A new PV announcing that the 2nd season of Owarimonogatari will be arriving this summer has also been denied to westerners (uploaded to DailyMotion as well for those curious).

Ridiculously revered smartphone game Fate/Grand Order is also apparently receiving a stage play; an official visual was released:


The stage play will run at the Zepp Blue Theater in Tokyo from July 14th to July 17th.

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