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Youjo Senki An Absolute Rush




Youjo Senki‘s squadron of aces has encountered possibly their toughest battle yet as an old rival makes his return, with some viewers rooting for the main anti-heroine’s failure simply for a change of pace.















































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  • So Tanya is an excellent field commander, excels at one-on-one and FFA combat, brilliant strategist, follows the law, uncompromising leader, knows history and is full-out totally loyal to her nation.

    Still waiting for the evil part to show up. Unless its X who is orchestrating this whole thing. X is willing to slaughter millions just to get her to knuckle under it seems.

    I had hoped for some sort of personal interaction moment between her and the guy who came back instead of what we got. As the “other” he deserved better.

    • She’s not really evil or a villain by any sense of the word. Tanya is a lawful neutral antihero who loathes people who break the rules, be they enemy or (nominal) ally.

      She’s viewed as “evil” by people on her side of the fourth wall who witness some but not all of her cruel and ruthless actions, but those of us watching at home can take her actions into context and see that she never even considers harming someone who doesn’t deserve it. She’s cruel and ruthless, but fair.

      Even her order to kill every last man, woman and child in Metz or Reims or whatever city that was doesn’t count as evil — she warned the civilians 2 days beforehand that they were going to attack the city lest they be mistaken for militia, and even then she and her troops actively tried to avoid civilian casualties until she saw them murder an escaping prisoner. That murder is what prompted her to give the order to leave no survivors.

      Tanya is not Loli Hitler, she’s Loli Vlad III Dracula.

      • Anonymous says:

        While I agree with you, I would argue that it is her disregard for the value of human life as implicit and intrinsic which makes her “evil”. This behaviour is demonstrated on several occassions, not least of which is the above-mentioned incident with the refugees, but even more note-worthy may be the attack on the factories in episode 5 wherein she deliberately used a more childish voice to lull the employees and soldiers into a false sense of safety so that her squad may take them all out. She has motive for doing so, but it not only demonstrates Yuuki Aoi-san’s amazing voice-acting ability, it also shows that Tanya Degurechaff only follows the law according to the wording, not the meaning, id est if she had followed the meaning of the law, she would have given the factory staff reason and time to escape.

        Now this can be argued to be a case of moral relativity, but it also pin-points the real conflict of this story: human hubris against the will of God. You could also say that this story begs the question “how do we define ‘God’?”, but that is somewhat of a subquestion. A person who believes in God and the moral authority of that being would probably understand laws as the closest possible written approximation of that authority since they would not only be responsible for their actions in the eyes of society, but would also have to answer to God. This leads to an entire other paradoxical question, namely what contitutes goodness: the will of God or some other, higher authority? I will not go into that here since it is not that relevant to the subject at hand.

        To sum up, what constitues Tanya’s evil is the foregoing of empathy for strict rationality. It is an age-old conundrum written of in countless plays, books, movies, essays, papers, theories, etc.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Are you sure? Have you asked Him? Or them? Or Her? What about Hitler’s admiration of the monks that taught him? Or his hatred for Judaism? What about the Balkan Wars against the Muslim Ottoman Empire, sort of a precursor to WW1?

        • it’s an alternate world, where ww1 as assassination of the king didn’t happen. as such the european powers didn’t weaken each other and the war that’s unfolding now is that much worse for it.

          Instead of gas canisters they have magic of mass destruction, though.

          And what happened here is a shady move by the war comitee to provoke an even bigger campaign by letting the french forces get away with the tail between their legs, regret and anger in their hearts.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is also the subtitle for the anime in Japanese. “Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil.” How I know this is because I am currently in Japan looking at the series on Japanese Netflix.

          The Manga (and presumably also the light novel, although I do not currently have it in my possession) has the subtitle “Die Kriegsgeschichte eines Kleinen Mädchen” which is roughly a translation of the Japanese title into German (The War Story of a Young Girl).

          Because of the arguments I made above about what makes up Tanya’s evil I will say that whilst I prefer German over English, the inclusion of “Evil” in the subtitle makes the conflict between God and Tanya more poignant, whereas in the Japanese/German title the whole reason for Tanya’s being in this situation makes it seem like just an excuse for us to accept the world in the first place.

    • I believe it’s not about Tanya being evil but rather people viewing Tanya as Evil.

      Many fellow soldiers already look at her as a bloodthirsty warmonger and her enemies in the battlefield surely see her as a butcher like the crazy fellow we saw this episode.

  • Sick of shows with potentially decent story lines being ruined in order to cater to greasy fat otaku perves who couldn’t get laid in real life if they had 5,000 yen bills hanging out of their pockets. One fkd up moe,loli pedo fest, shit show after another.
    I miss quality anime like Rurouni Kenshin, Ergo Proxy, Wolfs Rain, Death Note, Code Geass, Bebop,Baccano, Fullmetal Alchemist (both), Ghost in the Shell, Fulletal Panic (All)

    • I take it you either haven’t watched this or have some deep seeded, repressed need to fuck a child.

      The show itself does nothing, absolutely nothing, to sexualize Tanya.

      If anything, it goes out of its way to make her unappealing, at least physically.

      Pull your head out and take a look around once in a while.

      • Only an ignorant fucktard would make a stupid statement like that. Comparing Wolfs Rain which included arguably Yoko Kanno’s greatest score this side of Macross prove you’re an idiot. I’ve been into anime and manga since the late 80’s when the only thing we had were bootleg beta max tapes from Japan at my university anime club. I’m probably older than the mattress stain you became on your moms bed. Grow up.

        • A dumb autistic fuck growing older doesn’t make them any smarter. Just because a fucktard like you likes something doesn’t mean it’s any good, and just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’ve got anything on other people. One dumb senile piece of shit doesn’t make your tastes any good.

          And for fuck’s sake you’re using the music as justification? God you’re a retard.

  • This is such a shitty show. Might as well name it “Mary Sue but a Little girl” no substance, just angsty little girl with issues and side characters who who only exist to show how OP the main is.

    • The main antagonist is actually named Mary Sue so this shitty comment is more meta than the writer realizes. At least in the light novels, they changed the main antagonist or just shifted the time she shows up.

    • So many people who equate “I don’t like this show” with “this show is bad”. Those are two different things.

      One of the things that make this show good is that it is combining things that usually don’t “go together”, and doing it in an interesting way. First, you have “little girl” and “World War”, but the girl isn’t a refugee, but a solider. Plus, the combat is real (unlike in, say, Girls und Panzer where the tanks are used only in sport). But how can a small girl fight… well, add magic. Oh, but it’s not really a little girl, it’s really a Japanese salaryman… who is continuously being fucked with by God as punishment for not believing in Him.

      That’s interesting. It’s complex. Now you may not particularly like this show, regardless of it’s merit. There’s nothing wrong with that; heck, from what I read ‘Free!’ is a pretty good show, but it doesn’t appeal to me so I didn’t watch it. But I wouldn’t say Free! sucks — I just say I don’t like it.

      Why can’t you be a fucking adult and simply say you don’t like something, instead of bitching that something wasn’t made precisely according to your own personal likes and dislikes? (which question answers itself, because this is the internet and there are no fucking adults here and this entire post is just mental masturbation on my part)

      • Well I’d like to think I’m enough of an adult to feel refreshed and grateful to read an adult commentary like this one, which is enough to restore a small but no less sizable degree of faith in the watch-anime-online-for-free community, especially yours that demonstrates an intelligent appreciation for a show like this, as well as an intelligent mindset for how to describe shows in general. I completely agree. If a show is not to a person’s liking, that person should simply say they don’t like the show and that’s that, instead of calling the show all kinds of derogatory things like terrible, trash, shit show, blah blah blah, all because they want to vent and rage about something. Just as well, adults do exist, it’s just that they’re a sad minority, made sad by the ever vocal and ever populous haters out there.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t even get that statement. There is no way Tanya would be considered “attracrive” to me, at least not in a sexual way since whe is 1. way too young, 2. so obviously acting above her physical age which always reminds me that it is not really a young girl but a grown man.

      Tanya’s appeal is found in the contrast between her looks and her actions, the rationality with which she does things and the cruelty she inflicts on other people. To me it is not only an anime but an animated study in societal rules and theology. That’s where the appeal is.

    • I am definitely not a pedo either, but i like Youjo Senki for other reasons. It`s historical speculative view of different WW1 is interesting with it`s alternative timeframe and development of technology plus addition of magically boosted weapons.
      And alternative timetable of how countries entered and retreated to participate in fighting.
      To ep.11 British have not really included themselves into action yet.
      In Tanyas world there would not have been any hitler either.

      Imperial Germania would have not been any more crazy warmonger than France and Britain was.

      Anon 22:59 comment is wise and magnificent, i wish more ppl were as constructive in their view of different anime. What you do like and how good it is is not indeed the same thing.

      One more thing: there is not a slightest hint of pedo fanservice in Youjo Senki!

      • Anonymous says:

        Both true and untrue about the fanservice. The word has lately been associated with nudity and skimpy clothing, and whilst there is (thankfully) almost none of that in this show, the second episode includes a scene where her magical power is being gauged and she is sitting in her underwear. That most people don’t think of that (and the only reason I was reminded of it was because it actually happened to play just as I was writing this) is probably because it really isn’t sexualized in any way, and it is so short and includes so much more stuff that her flat, undetailed chest hardly is the main focus point of the scene.

        Anyway, what I was originally going to write is that fanservice can also be dressing up a character in other than the normal clothes (such as Hayate no Gotoku’s Hayate being dressed in girls’ clothes), and there are some such occassions in the show, although these are shown at the end of an episode and just emphasize her youth and femininity, as well as being played for laughs since it clearly contraposits her experience and self-identity as a salaryman with her physical form.